Celebrating our 1 year old!

Lord have mercy where has the time gone? We have a whole one year old! It was just a few days ago, we were bringing her home in this small carseat that we didn’t know how to fix the car straps for, trying to figure out how to maneuver her in our home. Or, it seems like yesterday that I was taking her to my dad while I get acclimated back to the work place. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I believe it. Although our first year as parents was very hard and stressful, we are so overjoyed with our “healthy, happy, and beautiful” little rugrat.

One of the things I am most proud of as a mother is that I did not compare myself to other parents and I only took advice I had with a grain of salt. Its like God equipped me with a different set of wisdom to use that I never had. My husband and I learned a long time ago, that children are different and we talked a lot of about our own childhood where we made a plan to fully rely on each other. I’m telling you, it is SO IMPORTANT to have a partner in child raising. I commend single parents and I really don’t know how they do it, but I know some of them would love help.

Harper is a funny kid. She is always smiling and laughing. As soon as she wakes up, she is smiling and talking. She loves to clap and she just started dancing. She loves to “praise the Lord” (we love Jesus over here folks) and will lift her hands every time she hears “Yes, Lord!” She marches to her own beat on her very own drums and she loves to give hugs.

We had plenty plans for her for the year of 2020, lots of travel, outdoor activities, swimming lessons, but COVID delayed all of that, and we’re just now getting her out but with much precautions. We will be able to tell her about this in a few years, that she spent most of her first year of life, in a pandemic. We will also tell her that we are sad that she didn’t get to meet our beloved Bishop/Pastor who witnessed mommy and daddy’s engagement, counseled us, and then married us. We also prayed that he would be the one to christen her, but the Lord thought it was time for him to come home. Harper is full of discernment, but is very friendly.

We are now in the stages of fully reading to her and indulging in the academic world just to get her more exposed to numbers, letters, literature and possibly different languages. We are so nervous, but excited. Although her birthday is October 7, feel free to wish her a happy birthday. We’ve been celebrating all month!