Postpartum Hair Update: Giving myself a Curly Cut|Stop Being a Lazy Natural!

I am 17 months postpartum guys! It’s been such an interesting journey. In my last blog post about my hair, I talked about caring for my hair, and the products I’ve been using to maintain the health of my hair as much as I could. But I will tell you, its been very challenging because, like I said earlier, you can’t avoid postpartum shedding. Here we are in March and I am upgrading the hair care.

I was reminded how much of a lazy natural I can be. You think when you’ve been natural for such a long time, you can make shortcuts, when you really can’t. Welcome to my life. I recently was reminded that I have low porosity hair which means its a little harder for water and products to penetrate my hair. Not only that, its important for me to use warm water from start to finish during my wash routines as well as heat (sit under dryer or steamer) to help products penetrate my hair for added and extra moisture. Most of these things I already knew, but I was reminded that the reason why my hair has been dry and limp lately, was because I’m skipping deep conditioning treatments with heat and using the LCO method instead of the LOC method. Also, gels aren’t really good for my hair as they tend to help dry out my hair faster. I was also skipping using oil for style takedowns we well. Who knew??

My goal is to grow my hair out as long and as thick as I can, and I will continue this journey til my 36th birthday in December. Of course I will be giving updates throughout the year on my progress. In this video, I take you along my curly cut routine, and I’m sure I’m not doing something right by way of the professionals, and that’s okay. If you’re in Charlotte with an opening, message me on IG. If you’re on a hair care/growing journey like me, feel free to join me! Head over to my instagram @curlswithstyle to follow my journey.

Battling Postpartum Shedding w/Creme of Nature + manageable tips

After Harper was born, I decided to get a jump start on taking better care of my hair before the postpartum shedding would make their debut. Although I know nothing can stop postpartum shedding, I can do what I can on my end to make my hair more manageable and to possibly retain as much health and length as possible. After all, I didn’t know how PPS would take my hair out or if my hair would come out at all.

I stumbled on some products from the Creme of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco line, the Plex Breakage Defense. One thing that caught my attention was that this line helps reduce damage and breakage , reinforces weak bonds and helps fill in fragile strands. With me being anemic as well, I thought this would be a great way to be proactive. My pregnancy treated my hair so well and I wanted to keep that up with healthy eating and proper hair maintenance. I started using this product back in March and have been using it ever since. I also bought this entire set, 3 times.

The line contains 3 products: Step 1: The Bond Mender Pre-Treatment, Step 2: The Restoring Shampoo and Step 3: The Restoring Conditioner. I use the bond mender right after the detangling process either on dry or wet hair, depending on the state of my hair. After about 20 minutes, I rinse, and proceed with shampoo and conditioner. One thing about the shampoo is that it is very clarifying despite the organ and castor oil, almost stripping my hair. However, the conditioner adds plenty moisture back in my strands. One thing that I noticed with this product is how I experience less shedding and more length retention in my hair.


Top: March 2020; Bottom: August 2020

When I was pregnant last year, I noticed a little breakage and limped strands so I decided to cut my hair to the healthiest point to give myself a fresh start since I was not too far away from the 2nd trimester.

Any other Tips, You Say?

Remember, postpartum shedding is inevitable and you can’t control it. Some have it worse than others. I’ve been blessed to see minor breakages on my edges and a little thinning. Not only that, my body waited almost a year to see the shedding. Here are a few things I did:

Leave my hair alone. //We’ve been in a pandemic all year and I’ve been working from home, so one of my favorite things to do was after I washed my hair, I blew it out lightly flat ironed it

Protein Treatments// Most people only do these twice a year, but I say, do it when needed. For me, when my hair is too soft and shedding too much even after a trim, it is time. My favorite product is the Aphogee Treatment. Their entire line is superb. Stay tune for a demonstration.

Protective Styling// I always talk about protective styling and my favorite are braids. When done correctly, it can help with the growth of your hair. Now that my edges are broken off a little, I focus more on jumbo box braids.

Take vitamins/supplements and drink plenty of water// Taking vitamins or supplements are really hard for me because I forget, but I’ve seen great results when I do, especially when I add plenty of water.

So far, with these tips I’ve been using, my hair has been flourishing nicely. My plan is to continue these tips and we will come back with an update.

How did you do with your postpartum shedding?

Spring Twists in the Fall

So a few months ago, I was strolling through Instagram and saw these videos and posts on “spring twists” and how they remind me of a natural version of kinky twists back during my high school days. However, the twists look identical to your natural hair when in mini twists, with hair that looks like natural hair. I thought, this is cute! When I first went natural, I lived in mini twists and although it was a great protective style, I wanted a fuller look. So, me being the detective that I am, I’m gonna research before I ask, because beauty and fashion gurus tend to posts the things they love or use and links if they’re really nice. For some reason, this chick didn’t. It was like, you can either buy the hair from me or pay me to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for charging what your worth, but there are people in this world that can do their own hair. As someone whose been doing their own hair for over 20 years, I started hunting! I looked on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram hashtags only to find that this hair can be purchased not only from hair boutiques, but from Amazon. Yes! Amazon. I know Amazon can be a hit and miss with hair but I read reviews and saw photos and videos enough for me to purchase it.

Screenshot_20181028-234114_Amazon Shopping

As you can see, this brand has a 4.5 star rating! It comes in several colors and you can get yours right here. I purchased the 3 pack spring twist crochet hair in the color T1B27. And I ordered two packs. The brand is Beyond Beauty and they are $23.50 for each 3 pack. I bought two to be on the safe side.

Deets on the hair: 


This is my first time buying from this brand and on amazon and this won’t be the last. I love this hair. It comes twisted so you can either crochet or do singles. I wanted to try color so I opted for an ombre effect, which I love. The hair is so springy and soft and can be easily separated. It has minimal shedding and doesn’t frizz or get tangled if you use water or hair products.

This hair blends perfectly with mine and IT DOES NOT ITCH! I normally soak all my hair in Apple Cider Vinegar/ water/ shampoo, but I didn’t have to for this and I have a sensitive scalp.


I was able to use half of one bundle for the back because I separated the hair into two or three sections. When I realized that I would have more than enough and possibly leftover for another round, I use the whole pieces and realized that I only use an extra pack and three pieces from the 3rd pack. I decided to cut pieces in half to frame my face for a layer effect. I am very pleased with this hair and I hope you try it to. You can easily get away with just one pack. I will say, they are rather pricey (about $8/bundle) but it is worth every penny! You can also use this hair on your children!



The Right Way To Protective Styling

Protective styling can be a good thing right? You’re giving your hair a break, allowing it to rest, maybe help with the growing process. But then, your edges are popping, hair is coming out, scalp is dry and brittle and it seemed like you lost more hair than you ever did while it wasn’t being manipulated. Why?

There’s levels to this protective styling thing and I get several questions about it. I’ve been protective styling since I was 11 years old. I’ve made mistakes in the past, BELIEVE ME, but I’m here to give you some advice on the right way to protective styling. Listen up.

Protective styling, in a nutshell, is doing a style that completely gives your hair a rest. You can do braids, crochets, sew-ins, or wear wigs. I’ve done 3 out of 4 (I’ve never owned a wig) and with 20 years under my belt let me give you some advice.

  • Always start with clean hair and scalp.
  • Make sure your hair and scalp is moisturized.
  • Are your ends trimmed and healthy? If not, trim them!
  • Clean your hair utensils (brush, comb, hairclips, etc).

Tips for Braids

  • Soak the hair in Apple Cider Vinegar and Conditioner until all that gunk comes up, then wash hair. Your scalp will thank you.
  • DO NOT BRAID TOO TIGHT. Your scalp will already be tender, don’t add any more strain.
  • The natural hair to braiding hair ratio should almost be the same. For example, you don’t want to braid 4 inches of weave onto a 1/2 inch of your natural hair. Your hair will pop.
  • Kanekalon hair is lighter and better for your hair. Not that synthetic hair. Why use 12 packs of synthetic hair when you can use 3 packs of kanekalon hair?
  • If your scalp is tender after braiding, put a hot towel on your head. Let them steam do its thing.

Fun Fact: I did box braids on my hair and I used 11 packs of synthetic hair. The hair was so heavy, it popped my hair out. I had to cut my hair off into a pixie hair cut. It was the thinnest I’ve ever seen.

  • Ease up sewing in the hair too tight. You may not feel it when you’re doing it, but I promise you, you will feel it later.
  • The longest you should keep your hair in braids is 4-6 weeks. You can keep them in longer if you wash your hair with the braids in (and you can).
  • Oil your scalp at least twice a week. Refresh your hair with water and add some leave-in conditioner.

I’ve never worn wigs but your wash regimen should be the same as if you don’t wear wigs. Do your regimen every two weeks. Take your time when taking down your protective style. Remember,  you have lots of build up and hair that needs to shed from your scalp. You don’t want to be harsh during the detangling process. SECTION your hair! You’ll thank me later.

This may sound redundant and you’re probably thinking, who wouldn’t know this obvious information, but there is someone out there that doesn’t know the right way to protective style or to even care before, during, or after. I’ve followed these steps for years and although I’ve experience my own horror, I found a way to correct my mistakes and maintained healthy hair while its resting. Now you can too!


Annoying Remarks During My Natural Hair Journey

“What did you put on your hair to make it look like that?”

If you’ve been natural for a while, I’m sure you had plenty people coming to you barking questions and comments that supposedly mean well, but can really sound rude and disrespectful, right? I’ve had my fair share of comments and questions so I thought I’d share my experience with you and have a little laugh.

When I first decided to go natural, it wasn’t a huge thing like it is today. I made the transition in 2009 and big chop my hair 6 months after transitioning. It wasn’t easy to decide to stop using chemicals and embrace your natural texture back then. You would think the people that looked like you would be supportive. But they were the worse. I’ve heard comments from people that sound like this:

“So…….you’re not getting a relaxer anymore? You do know your hair will just get nappier.”

“Why would you do that?” ” You should comb your hair. I don’t like your hair like that. Its too peasy.”

I would get strange stares ranging from confusion and disgust and I would get the Macy Gray reference remark. Then I would get these passive aggressive remarks like…

“ohhhh your hair cute or whatever. It fits you.” “You don’t have that n***a-nappy hair.”  Or I would get “Well you mixed, so you got that good people hair.” Then my favorites…

“Oh I didn’t expect your hair to be this soft. It feels like a pillow. Wow, your hair smells good. I wasn’t expecting it to smell like flowers.”

“What’s wrong with your hair?”

“Comb your hair!”

How rude is that? The sad thing is, is all these comments came from family members or so called friends. Am I the only one that went through this?

When your hair is flourishing beautifully and now they wanna go natural.


I can’t stand this part with a passion. So I went through all phases of deciding to go natural. I went through the horrible TWA phase (when I didn’t know how to style short hair), then I went through the awkward length stage, and the dry phase when I couldn’t keep my hair moisturized. When I got better at taking care of my hair, it started to flourish! Then you would hear comments like these…

“Your hair look good. I’m glad you grew out of that awkward stage. But why does your hair stand up? Why won’t it lay down?”

What do you put on your hair to make it look like that? What kind of products do you use? Can you recommend anything for my hair? I’m trying to go natural.”

“I need help with my hair. Can you help me?”

“How much do you spend on products?”

When you color your hair….


You’re not natural anymore! Natural is when you don’t put anything in your hair! No chemicals.” Girl, shampoo is chemical, shut up.

“You do realize that your hair is going to fall out.”

“If you bleached your hair, you aren’t natural anymore.”

I think they missed the definition of “going natural.” It means to go back to your original hair texture. You know, the texture that grows out of your scalp? Okay.

Then I would get….


I wish I could go natural, but I’m scared. My hair won’t look like yours. My hair too peasy. “I don’t think I could cut all my hair off like you did. I’m not that bold.”

“Can I touch your hair? (you politely decline) “Why can’t I touch it? You have a problem with people touching your hair? Why you gotta act like that? Its just hair, it ain’t all that. You’re not the only one that got natural hair.”

“She think she all that because her hair long and curly.”

“Now that your hair looks longer are you going to put a relaxer in it? Will you blow it out to see how long it really is?” (You tell them you’re never getting a relaxer and you have no plans to straighten i anytime soon just to satisfy their curiosity) “So you’re not going to straighten it?”

I’m sure you’ve experienced more than I did or even worse than me, but the one thing that I loved about myself throughout this entire journey since 2009, is that I stayed true to myself and I didn’t let anyone affect me because I knew that one day, I would see them trying to do what I did years ago and you know what? THEY DID! How bout that?

Although I’m glad that we are finally embracing our natural hair, but if you were ever one of those (points above to the comments I wrote earlier), shame on you. God made us beautiful and our hair beautiful. Those comments gave me so much confidence and I was feeling myself even on bad hair days! Let’s talk about it! What’s your favorite/worse comment you endured whilst being natural?