Black Girl Magic Series: Lip Bar Review

It’s a beautiful, hot scalding day here in Charlotte, where your makeup is guaranteed to slide off your face no matter how much setting spay you put on and your clothes will stick to your body! But none the less, it is beautiful, right. So, remember how I said I’m a late bloomer? Yeah right, me either. But I’m a late bloomer. I’m late th show for everything and I’m always the last to get anything. However, that doesn’t meant that I don’t research in the meantime. With that being said, let’s talk about a little Black Girl Magic, shall we? I am loving all of it and I love how my beautiful sisters are out creating and putting their passions out in the world and I’m here to support. So, my first post is dedicated to The Lip Bar Products.



Meet Melissa, the founder and creator of the brand, The Lip Bar. If you remember, she and her partner were on Shark Thank a couple of years ago promoting their brand and hopefully gained investors to take her business to the next level. Now, I never watched  the show, but from what I can tell, you have several investors listening to business ideas and deciding which to invest. After listening to their pitch, they turned them down, but not before referring to them as colorful cockroaches. I felt like they belittled the brand, and they laughed when she said they created a Lip Bar mobile! I’m like, fashion and beauty on wheels is where it’s at!

She created this brand because when it comes to beauty, our health is always at risk with so many harsh chemicals. Also, the beauty industry only seems to cater to a particular type of beauty. So, she created these beautiful lipsticks with vibrant, show stopping colors that can be worn on ANYONE. Also, she made them in her kitchen. A few years later, The Lip Bar is a hit and their beauty mobile is awesome. Her lipsticks are in high demand, everyone is wearing them and some are always sold out. I feel bad for the investors. I don’t know her, and maybe she’ll read this, but she persevered! I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


I finally got my hands on a couple (we have a budget, remember?) and I tried them out and I loved them. Each lip color was $13. I picked two colors for the summer, Boy Trouble and CurlFriend both part of the liquid matte collection. For me, orange is really hard to pull off. I either find one that is a sheer, or not pigmented or the wrong undertone. I’ve only found a couple lippies in orange that fits me, but I ran out, so I needed a new one. Boy trouble is super vibrant, bright deep orange color that is perfect for summer. Like any matte lippie, make sure your lips are good and moisturized before applying. This goes on wet and dries matte.


Curlfriend is the everyday nude that I can wear, everyday! Because I would wear it everyday, I’m a little sad that the packaging is smaller though.  I love the fine point of the brush applicator that lets me get into the smaller parts of my lips and I love how this is a universal color.

Boy Trouble is a fiery orange that is a showstopper; someone will always ask about it. My favorite makeup look is a simple face and a bold lip, so picking this color was a no brainer. One thing I will say, is make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying because your imperfections (chapped lip, cracked skin) may show.

There are a few more of her colors I intend to try like Bawse Lady, however it is currently sold out. Overall, I love how vibrant these colors are and that they are vegan! Definitely head over to Lip Bar’s site and pick up a few for yourself.