Striped Madness

There’s something about blue and white stripes. Anyone can rock it. I’ve seen this dress on a few bloggers from other sites and I went crazy. Every website I visited, they were sold out! So, I was browsing on Forever 21 and saw the exact dress. Sadly, it’s sold out.


I call this my end of summer dress. The high low will allow a little breeze to come in to keep you cool, plus the “party in the front, business in the back” deal. One thing about this dress is the sleeves. It is very tight on the upper arms and I’m wearing a 3x. I’ve read that women will up their size because of the arms, but 3x is the highest size that is accommodated. Don’t expect to be completely flexible in this dress, meaning, wear this dress when you don’t have to do too much movement. Other than that, this dress is neat and unlike anything I have.



As far as accessories go, you can pair this with anything. I added a light brown block heel, but you can add sandals (maybe with Pom poms), minimalistic heel, wedges, or a colorful sandal.

As you can see, my arms do look a tab uncomfortable but, beauty is pain right? No. I’ll probably wear this a few more times before it annoys me, but it amazes me how us women will go through a little discomfort for the sake of fashion, right?

If you have slight larger arms than me, this may not work for you, unless you’re willing to compromise. With that being said, stay tuned for more on my stripe obsession!


Cold Shoulder

You’ll probably see a trend on my blog right now: Blue and white stripes. What is that about? I keep seeing this pattern everywhere and I just want everything in this pattern! This color looks great on anyone and its so simple. The thing about this particular top is simplicity meets FAB. Do you see the detail on this shirt? Let me be honest with you, I have not been able to find a top like this forĀ  plus size girl. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough. When I though I wasn’t going to find it, I gave up. Then, stalking Forever 21’s website like I normally do, I saw this shirt in all its $25 glory.


How neat is this top? I’m a short kid so the sleeves are a little long, but the great thing about it, is either you can hem it or just roll them up. It has a tiny stretch to it and is very comfortable. Surprisingly, I was able to put it on without any issues. Make sure you have the right sleeve open so you can find it to place your arm in. Although it bares one shoulder, I think it is a modest piece. Who doesn’t love to show off a good shoulder?


I wanted to keep it simple by wearing my white subtle ripped jeans that you’ve seen on her several times. These pants are from Cato’s Fashions and they are dope. They’re boyfriend, has some stretch and is very comfortable. My Steve Madden heels went great with them (wore them for my engagement photoshoot here) and added a pop of color with this Michael Kors purse. I bought it from the Michael Kors outlet and they said this bag is discontinued. šŸ˜¦



My Favorite Summer Floral Dresses

In the summer, you can catch me pretty much in anything with florals.Ā To me, flowers screams summer and who doesn’t want to look like a luxurious bed of flowers? Okay that may be too much, but you catch my drift. I wanted to round up all of my favorite affordable floral dressesĀ on the blog today to give you some inspiration and maybe catch some of them before they are sold out.

Sky Blue &Ā Florals


I absolutely love this dress when I saw it on the Forever 21 website here and after a couple weeks contemplating, I finally bought it. This dress is absolutely darling. I feel so carefree in this dress and the color combo is amazing.Ā  I love the ruffles around the neckline and the sheer sleeve details with the added bow at the wrist. This screams super girly, like me! The pairing of accessories are endless. You can play with the pinks and the blues and still come out chic and put together. For me, I decided to play with these awesome velvet low block heels from JustFab that are two shoes in one. One minute, they are this gorgeous periwinkle blue color, then its silver. Winning!






I gravitate towards colors. Bright colors. Its in my nature. I’m normally a bubbly bright person and I like to showcase that not only through my personality, but through what I’m wearing too. Old Navy is popular for bright summer dresses at affordable prices, especially when they have those dope sales. With the cold shoulder or the off the shoulder trend going strong, this dress fits right in. I love the waist cinching area, that defines your shape and this dress also comes in a black floral and a solid black. The straps area also adjustable which is a plus. You can wear wedges or espadrilles, but I opted for a simple block heel. Block heels are my go to shoes lately. They’re girly and you can still run in them if you need to.



The $12 Gap Dress


Y’all, I was strolling at the Gap outlet and happen to see this dress in the 70% off section. So I snatched it and home with me it went. This is the most comfy dress ever and the material is a soft cotton and it just flows. On those hot summer days, I don’t have to worry about the dress sticking to my skin. For my body type, I love anything that flows because it takes off the attention to the areas that I don’t like to broadcast. The straps are halter like Ā and they are adjustable which is a plus! I kept it fun and played with the pink so I added my favorite pink low block heels from Forever 21 and a cardigan from the Gap Outlet as well.




What are some of your favorite summer dresses??