Newly Natural? Here are 5 things that you should be doing

The natural hair community is thriving these days and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, LOL. Just kidding. I have love for all my cream crack sisters. I was once too a creamy crack sista. But for those of you that transitioned and decided to big chop, kudos! Welcome!

Deep Conditioning

Ask anyone. Any natural that’s been in the game for years. They will tell you. Deep conditioning is major key. It’s like the cheese to the mac-n-cheese. So necessary. This process allows you to keep your hair moisturized. Natural hair is delicate hair and dry brittle hair will break. This is what will happen to your hair if here is no moisture! The best deep conditioning method is one with some heat. You can sit under a dryer with a plastic cap, or under a hooded steamer. If you have a steam room at your local gym, those are a lifesaver! A great DIY steamer is to place your hair under a plastic cap and poke a couple small holes in it. Wet a hand towel as hot as you can get and place it on top of your head and put another plastic cap to trap the steam. Then cover your hair with a scarf, steam cap or towel. They work wonders and are less expensive!

Stay Away From the Heat

I’ve been natural for the better part of 8 years and I loved blowing out my hair after I wash it just to do a length check or create styles with extra length. After the constant frying, my hair was so dry and brittle it started to break. Don’t make that mistake. If you prefer to wear your hair curly 99% of the time, stay away from the heat. It could damage your curls. Let your curls thrive! My best friend challenged me to stay away from heat while I’m growing out my hair for my wedding and to let my hair air dry in giant braids or twists so it can stretch. I’ve been heat free since January and my curls are thriving. Just look at these photos below.

Take Care of Those Ends

Remember, our hair is delicate, and our ends are the oldest parts of the hair. Make sure you are clipping when needed and focus the deep conditioning on the ends. It also helps to do protective styles from time to time just to minimize the manipulation. You can wear wigs, crochets, and even braids. For me box braids are so easy and quick, and will forever be in style.

Scalp Massages

This is such a stress reliever, you hear? It also helps increase the blood flow in our scalp, which promotes hair growth. Now, don’t sit there rubbing your scalp all day trying to create witchcraft! This is just an added bonus. How you take care yourself inside and out plays a major role and genetics also helps. I really do think that if you take care of your hair and body, drink plenty of water, you too can grown long, thick healthy hair. Be patient though, his doesn’t happen overnight. Its great if someone does your scalps massages for you because you can relax, and you can use an oil or nothing.


Experiment and Have Fun!

Listen, if you treat your hair as if it is a task, or a job that you hate, you will never embrace your curls or love your hair. It probably won’t grow the way you want either. That’s some psychological stuff, but I think it true. Just like a plant, water it and it will grown. Take care of your hair and it will take care of you. Try out that  bantu style, or that flat twist out you saw on your favorite guru. Wear a wash and go and try out those rods!

Natural Hair Twistout Using Palmer’s Coconut Oil+Review

I’ve been using Palmer’s cocoa butter for the better part of my entire life and it’s a staple in my body care regimen. Fast forward to today and I found out they have several hair care lines! I dabbled in their protein pack and loved it.

I wanted to see if the hair styling products lived up to my expectations. I picked up the Coconut Oil curl styler cream pudding from the coconut oil formula line. This is great for dry, damaged, and color treated hair, so it’s great for me.

Lets start with the consistency of this pudding. This is a water based product with a creamy texture and you can feel the oils. I recommend using it on wet hair as I did in my video below.

It has coconut oil (obviously, lol) that moisturizes and adds shine, monoi oil for hydration, avocado oil that kills frizz, jojoba oil for definition and sweet almond oil for nourishment. Sometimes it’s hard to find a styler that has all these amazing oils in one container and they really get the job done.

I did a basic twist out on freshly washed hair and it was the only styling product I used. I wanted my hair to shrink up as much as possible so the style produces an illusion of a haircut. Needless to say, my hair was so soft and SHINY. My curls were defined and  moisturized. I’m definitely looking to trying out more products but check out my YouTube demo and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Fall Starter List

Hello Fall! I’m so glad that you were kind enough the grace us with your awesome presence, cooler weather, and pumpkin spice and everything nice!! I decided to start of fall by creating a fashion starter list. This is for the girl who wants to spice up their wardrobe this season and not quite sure where to start with their list. What I love about this list, is that everything is universal. You can mix and match with new pieces and old.
Duster/Cardigan: Even though the temperature is starting cool down, its not quite cold for something heavy. Dusters and cardigans (chunky, long, slouchy) can be found anywhere. Check out this plus size duster here.
Wide Brim Hat: Good for bad hair days, and also a wow factor to any outfit. These are literally everywhere but if you don’t like to browse for hours on end, look at this on right here from Forever 21.
Tees/Plain Shirts: You need a good layering piece that you can match with anything from a cardigan to a motor jacket. You can pair them with jeans, leggings, or leather pants.
Boots/booties Bring on the booties yall! This is THE main staple to a fall wardrobe. There are endless possibilities in pairing these. The price ranges from $30-$350 and they are everywhere. You don’t need an expensive pair of boots like the Tory Burch rider boots below, but start with these from JustFab.
Crossbody Bags/Blanket Scarves: Cross body bags, blanket scarves will add spunk to a plain outfit. You can have on a plain tee, jeans and booties and of course you would look……plain. Throw on a cool scarf preferably one will plenty colors and patterns and a bag with fringe and that will change your look.
Think of this list as a guide. What are some of your fall starter pieces? Happy Shopping!
Fall Starter List