How to Look Chic & Modest for Easter!!

Did you notice that Easter is on April Fools this year? And y’all don’t believe that God has a sense of humor?  Although Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you still want to look your best. If you read the story of how Jesus was crucified and then he rose 3 days later, you would want to step into church in your Sundays best too, making the Devil angry. My fiancé thinks I can do no wrong when it comes to how I dress, but I love to dress up and I love to look good. Going to church is no different. So, I figured I’d share a chic yet modest look for Easter.

Something Fun and Photo-Loving…



This Asos dress is absolutely breath-taking. I love the pretty pastel pink with the sequins for added sparkle. I love to look good for and going to church is no different.


It is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and its okay to look my best. I feel like this dress can be worn in so many ways, not just for Easter, but brunch, engagement parties, etc. You can never go wrong with pastel pink for spring and the A-line silhouette screams darling.



Although Easter happens to be on the first day AND Sunday of April, most churches have communion as well and the women tends to wear white so this dress from Eloquii would be perfect. I get a mature vibe from this piece with the form fitting and the bell sleeves. If you’re looking for a more casual look, try this dress from Asos. The pleats add a relaxed vibe, perfect for praise dancing!


Although there are plenty fashionistas that are like me, wanting to look fashionable for church, a few of my modest tips that I am practicing myself is to make sure that I keep my cleavage covered and to wear my dress at or below my knees. I also shy away from tanks or anything that is not at least a 3/4 length for my sleeves (not for just modesty, but my church tends to get cold!). If I’m wearing a dress that has spaghetti straps, or strapless, I wear a blazer or cardigan.

Now, there may be a few people who will argue that we should “come as we are” and it shouldn’t matter how we dress, the truth is, it matters how you dress. For me, being fashionable is fun! Also, dress for location of the occasion.

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: JustFab,

Peacoat: JustFab, sold out, similar here

Crossbody Bag: KateSpade similar bag here

My Experience with A Crochet Style

Hi! Happy Holidays! I hope you’re doing well this holiday season. I’ve been missing in action for a few months but I’ll explain a few posts soon. I wanted to get back in the blogging groove and I can’t wait to produce more content. I wanted to talk about my experience with the crochet style. When I first saw these styles of style floating around, I wasn’t really impressed with it. Number one, I thought it was too much weave and I didn’t like that it looked so unreal. Okay face it, we all know it’s unreal, but still…Number two, I didn’t think I was confident enough.  Now, I’ll rock some braids and that’s it, but I wanted to step out my comfort zone and plan to this upcoming new year.

After constantly watching reviews of different hair used for crochet styles, I decided to go with the Jamaican Bounce synthetic hair by the African Collection. I love how the hair is so easy to separate before installing, this creating a fuller look without using several packs of hair.


Tools Used:

  • 3.5 packs of the African Collection Synthetic Jamaican Bounce Curls (I have a big head)
  • Large Latch Hook
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Hair Oil of Choice
  • Hair Moisturizer of Choice
  • Flexi-Rods (optional)

Before I braid my hair, I like to start on clean moisturized hair. So, with any protective style I do, my hair will be clean. This means your style will last longer and your scalp will love you. I decided to leave a little piece of hair out in the front to camouflage the parts my first go round and I was impressed with how it turned out. I did simple braids going straight back and I made sure to moisturize my hair. Practice makes perfect! To make the curls look more realistic, I separate the manufactured curl 2 to 3 times before installing, thus looking like flexi rod curls being separated and teased.

Note: Moisturizing your real hair is key!  When it was time to take them out, the weave slid off my braid as I unravel. My real hair was so soft and moisturized that it didn’t tangle with the weave.



Overall, I love this style! It took about three hours and a little over $20. This is definitely a protective style that I will add to my regimen and I’m also looking into different types of hair to try. The key to make it look realistic is separating the curls before installing. This hair can get very frizzy but I found out using a cream styling product helps th curls reduce frizz.

See ya soon!

Are You A Scary Movie Fan? Hit the Theaters to See These!

Today’s post is a little different! When I think of fall, aside from the fashion, the home decor, and hot drinks, I love scary movies. The time changes, so it gets darker earlier and I can watch all the scary movies I want! Who’s a horror movie fan? Me! I’ve been watching horror movies since I was a little girl (thanks Daddy) and I love a good scary movie. There’s nothing better than screaming at the chick who falls or the guy that went the wrong way. I’ll go as far as screaming at the TV trying to warn the dude that Michael Myers is in the closet. “Don’t open the closet!” I love a great scare, covering one of my eyes, or looking the other way before something jumps on the TV.

So, let’s talk about what’s coming to theaters in the scary genre. If you’re a scary movie fanatic like me, you may want to prepare getting your movie tickets to see these movies.

Annabelle: Creation (in theaters)


Watch the first one first; you will appreciate it more. Have you heard of the Raggedy Anne doll that was possessed by a girl name Annabelle Higgins in the 1970s? Yup, its true. This movie is exactly about this. f you’ve seen The Conjuring, you would have been introduced to Annabelle in the beginning where Ed and Lorraine Warren were interviewing three young people about weird happenings in the presence of this doll. Annabelle: Creation basically answers all the questions you had. I love horror movies and I will laugh through a lot of them, but this movie had me cover one of my eyes or look the other way. I pick this first because its already released and you should see this while its still in theaters. I went with my brother and we had a great time!

IT (Sept 8)


Let me tell you, I am completely STOKED for this movie. This movie is basically a remake from the 1990 version of Stephen King’s novel. I am a huge Stephen King fan! Imagine thinking of things that will scare the crap out of you and then write it to scare other people. That’s what he did. So this story is about 7 friends who are being terrorized by this creepy clown by intimating them with their fears and phobias, as if the clown getup isn’t creepy enough. One thing I like about the clown in the new one is he actually looks scary.

JigSaw (October 27)


Whose been keeping up with the Saw films in the last 10 years? This thriller is quite gruesome and the anxiety that I get watching this is pretty much worth the watch, lol. If you never seen any of the movies, Jigsaw is basically about a madman who gathers a bunch of victims and makes them play sadistic games that depends on life and death. There’s a twist, because the original man who was Jigsaw died! So who is the new Jigsaw?

Jeepers Creepers 3 (rumored to be Sep 26)


Is this the movie where we finally get to learn more of the Creeper? Yeah we know he goes away for a long time and comes back to eat people for like 23 days, but where did he come from? Indulge yourself in the first two movies to catch up so you won’t be confused when you see this one.





Imagine this big buy running after you with a heavy chainsaw. I’ve watch every Texas Chainsaw movie that was ever released so I’m anxious to see how it all started since they are going back to the beginning with Leatherface. Did you know that this series is a spin off from prolific serial killer, Ed Gein? He wore human faces as masks and even indulged in cannibalism. Yuck.

I think I’m sort of biased in this selection because I grew up watching the originals, so I am very excited to see how these will turn out. However, there are several more movies coming this fall, for example, Happy Death Day, coming out on Friday October the 13th. When I saw the preview for this movie, I was hooked. Imagine reliving the day of your death over and over until you find your killer. So each day she gets closer to finding her killer only to die again. The next movie on my list is Mother! Apparently it was schedule to be released the same day as Happy Death Day but we get to see it September 15th.  This movie is about a husband and wife living a happy life and then it gets disrupted once they invite this man and woman over. They just completely ruin their whole shabang! So crazy, psychological things start to happen and I really want to know what happens in the end. Think about it. This can happen in your actual life. You are living your best life with your sweetheart and you allow someone in your life and they completely cause turmoil.

With that being said, I can’t wait until I get a chance to see them! I will be doing an Instagram review afterwards! Make sure you follow my page,







Bella Curls on 3a/3b Hair Review

I was visiting my family this past weekend and I somehow talked myself into washing my baby brother’s hair. When I was eleven years old, I started doing my own hair and my brothers hair. I learned to clip hair, wash, flat iron, braid, etc.

I went to Family Dollar to find some hair products because the natural hair products are expanding. I saw brands from SheaMoisture and Cantu and happen to see a brand that I haven’t heard of– Bella Curls. The packaging looked very interesting, and I saw coconut…I love coconut. Not to mention, this brand was on sale. You know I’m always looking for a bargain. While I was standing there, I looked for the brand in Instagram and saw reasonable reviews so I picked up the shampoo, leave-in and the defining cream.


I wanted to use my brother Alex as a guinea pig to see how they work. When I loosed his braid out, his hair was so dry, and matted and full of that black/brown gel just building up on his head. He hasn’t washed his hair in two weeks and he always pile gel on top his head. He won’t embrace the frizz.

When I loosed the braid, his hair was…terrible. I ran it under water to activate the gel to slide out and separate into four sections. The pictures above shows his hair matted and tangled. Alex has a 3a to 3b hair type and is very long (almost waist length) and thick. After I wet his hair, I added the shampoo to his scalp to try to break up the build up.

Thoughts on the Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo

I love how this shampoo helps detangle! Talk about great slip. When I got to the matted pieces, I combed through his curls easily being careful not to pull out unnecessary hair. He did have a lot of dead hair, but after weeks of not washing or combing or detangling? That’s expected. This coconut milk nourishing shampoo lives up to their name. For it to be a shampoo, it is very nourishing while removing all the dirt and built up gel in his hair. It left that squeaky clean feeling, but it didn’t stop anything away. I definitely appreciate a shampoo that not only removes build up, but doesn’t strip the hair.

Thoughts on the leave-in Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-in Conditioner

This leave-in left a glowing shine to his hair. Even though his hair was not drying after rinsing the shampoo out, adding the leave-in gave super slip. Combing was not a problem. His curls looked alive and they popped.

Overall, I think these products worked major magic with his hair. One thing I noticed was how big these bottles are for such a great price with or without the sale. It left his hair smelling nice and refreshing and I’m definitely going to try this on my hair since my texture is different from his. After stalking their Instagram, I immediately realize they are underrated, not to mention there’s more products to try! This brand is definitely a diamond in the ruff and I’m on the hunt to try the rest!

I know we have our favorites and we stick to specific brands that may sound trendy, but try a new brand or one you never heard of. You may be surprised. Stay tuned for a review on my curl pattern.


Ruffle Goodness

WhoWhatWear have been showing out for my plus size beauties at Target! Like so many of the items in the collection, this blouse caught my eye. You can never go wrong with a simple blue and white stripe and it’s very versatile. The ruffles add all kinds of flair to this look and I had at least 3 looks in my head when I bought it.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy fiancé and I always have a great time taking pics together, but he gets annoyed when I freeze up when other people pass by or look. I’m not that type of blogger that can just take pics like no one is watching…yet. Give me time. IMG_1280


I kept the look simple and chic by wearing some skinnies, with my dope out of season Michael Kors purse and some heels from Zara from a few years ago. I have no shame in mixing old and new pieces together. It bring such great character and style to any look!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWould you believe these heels were super painful? Lol. I haven’t worn heels higher than 3.75 inches in a few years because of my weight, but now that I’ve been working out lately, it’s not so painful. But pain is beauty and I love these heels.