How to Look Chic & Modest for Easter!!

Did you notice that Easter is on April Fools this year? And y’all don’t believe that God has a sense of humor?  Although Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you still want to look your best. If you read the story of how Jesus was crucified and then he rose 3 days later, you would want to step into church in your Sundays best too, making the Devil angry. My fiancé thinks I can do no wrong when it comes to how I dress, but I love to dress up and I love to look good. Going to church is no different. So, I figured I’d share a chic yet modest look for Easter.

Something Fun and Photo-Loving…



This Asos dress is absolutely breath-taking. I love the pretty pastel pink with the sequins for added sparkle. I love to look good for and going to church is no different.


It is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and its okay to look my best. I feel like this dress can be worn in so many ways, not just for Easter, but brunch, engagement parties, etc. You can never go wrong with pastel pink for spring and the A-line silhouette screams darling.



Although Easter happens to be on the first day AND Sunday of April, most churches have communion as well and the women tends to wear white so this dress from Eloquii would be perfect. I get a mature vibe from this piece with the form fitting and the bell sleeves. If you’re looking for a more casual look, try this dress from Asos. The pleats add a relaxed vibe, perfect for praise dancing!


Although there are plenty fashionistas that are like me, wanting to look fashionable for church, a few of my modest tips that I am practicing myself is to make sure that I keep my cleavage covered and to wear my dress at or below my knees. I also shy away from tanks or anything that is not at least a 3/4 length for my sleeves (not for just modesty, but my church tends to get cold!). If I’m wearing a dress that has spaghetti straps, or strapless, I wear a blazer or cardigan.

Now, there may be a few people who will argue that we should “come as we are” and it shouldn’t matter how we dress, the truth is, it matters how you dress. For me, being fashionable is fun! Also, dress for location of the occasion.

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: JustFab,

Peacoat: JustFab, sold out, similar here

Crossbody Bag: KateSpade similar bag here

Much Needed Trim

Spring is coming! Thought I’d share that real quick! For the last few weeks, when I’ve been washing and styling my hair, my hair was shedding and knotting so bad that I didn’t want to do anything to my hair. My braid outs didn’t last, and my flat twists would knot when I try to unravel them. It was unsettling. Then, it hit me. Girl, you need a TRIM! And I’m not talking, clip here and there, I mean go in your hair, section it if you need to and take those scissors and investigate! Then, you need a protein treatment too (but we’ll get into that in another post)! This past Monday, I woke up super early (we had an appointment to meet with our caterer!) and went straight to my bathroom and started prepping for a much needed trim.

I must say, I am in no way a professional, I just watched a plethora of videos on deva-cut styling! LOL! Well, I did. I really did. I learned, its best to dry cut in my natural state and to only snip the ends, or where it needs to be snipped.

I decided to section my hair and start in the back, pulling my curls to see how they fall and to snip the scraggly ends off, making sure I even it as much as possible. By the way, if you’re doing this by yourself, this is not a rat race. TAKE. YOUR. TIME. I was able to snip away the dead ends, probably only cutting a half an inch. Take a lot at how much I cut below.


I was amazed at how much I snipped and was able to keep my length, by just shaping my fro. I was able to maintain a cute shape and there was no shedding during my next styling! I promise to record my next trim!


Are you due for a trim?

February Goals

I decided that January is a free trial month and February 1st starts my new year.” 

Lol! I think everyone feels this way. Now that January is out of the way, and we have 6 more weeks of winter, it’s time to get down to business. I’m looking forward to spring and all things floral and pastels, including the all white mani/pedi. For me, January was a tough month for me because I’m between setting all my goals, reflecting on old goals, focusing on what I need to work on, do new budgets, etc. When Charlotte got snow, it threw me off because I endured a few lazy snow days. A week later, I got sick. 😷 That really threw me off. Although I was thrown off, I managed to get a few things off the ground! It helps to break down major goals into “sub-goals” to help make them manageable.

  • No spend February 
  • Gym 3x a week
  • Start spring cleaning 
  • upgrade blog site
  • Start crafting for a project
  • start a natural Hair health and growth challenge
  • Date Night with Hunbun
  • Read at least 2 books

Stay tuneed for my updates at the end of the month to see if I accomplish them all on my Instagram here!

What’s on your to-do list this month?