Marisa’s Life List!

“I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime. I vow to make an impression on the world, not the couch. I promise to dream about unrealistic goals and make them my reality.”

Backpack through Europe

Road trip to California

Go shopping at the Mall of America

Be a positive inspiration

Go to Disney World

Read Oprah’s entire book club list

Start a blog  Welcome to!


Visit the Grand Canyon

Go Parasailing

Go Ziplining

Visit Thailand to meet my family

Design my dream home

Ride the Double Decker Bus in London, England

Meet the Obama’s

Stay at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Go to Turks and Caicos

Go to a Beyoncé Concert

Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park

Attend a Blogging Conference

Be at Madison Square Garden for New Years to see the Ball drop

Go to the Essence Festival

Save $15k before I turn 35

Own my own business

Go Skiing in Aspen, Colorado

Give out care packages to the homeless

Get my dream body

Go on a solo trip

Swim with Dolphins

Marry the Love of my Life

April 20, 2018; Married my love, Benjamin


Join a church

Go to Disneyworld

Experience the Geothermal Spa in Iceland

Go kayaking

Get my MBA with honors

Learn and Speak Italian

Go camping with the love of my life

Go on a Haunted Trail

Adopt a furry baby

Start my youtube channel

Own a home in Italy

Study abroad in a European Country

Grow my hair past my bra strap (lol, funny)

Write a natural hair how to book

Go on a “no-budget” shopping spree 😉

Work with a major natural hair/clothing brand

Learn to Swim

These are a few of things that I want to do bad! Although there are plenty more, I figured I start with these.