Natural Hair: Big Curly Hair on Day 1-2

As a fellow natural, I think it’s safe to say that majority of us like big hair with lots of volume, right? No shade to the pixi cut gals, because I’ll rock a short cut in a minute, big head and all! Since I’m on a journey to long, thick, beautiful healthy hair, I love to wear my hair big. It goes with my head shape, lol. Sometimes, after wash day, when you unravel those fresh twists or braids, your hair is looking kinda flat. Even though you fluff the roots and separate until there’s no tomorrow, its still not big enough. As time progress and your twist out gets a little older, your hair gets a little bigger. Sometimes I can’t wait until day 3 or 4; I want this on day 1 or 2. So let’s try it! Here are a few tips that you can try to get these results!

Make sure you use a great styling product that yields great definition. My favorite product to use right now alone is the Cantu Curl Activator Cream. It has a thick consistency and I can use this on its own. I wait until my hair is about 75% dry, after I worked my leave-in conditioner in.


Do medium size braids or twists. The smaller, the more definition. Make sure to twist or braid a little tighter than normal, but now to where it is difficult to unravel. Also, make sure the ends are saturated with product and that the ends are coiled to perfection!  Adding rods to the ends help too.


Leave the twist/braid in for a day. You can skip this step, but if you’re not doing anything the next day, or you don’t have any events worth showing your amazing curls, don’t unravel them. I did my hair on Friday and on Saturday, I went to work with the twists in, not caring, because there’s only like 10 people in the building. Who ‘gon check me?

Unravel the twist and separate a couple times. When I took my twists down, the definition came through like BAM! This product had my hair moisturized to the Gawds! Not only that, the definition was real. Who knew this one product could do that alone? Normally, I have to cocktail stuff or use another product. After unraveling the twists, the definition was there and the curls were on point.

Separate your hair in 4 quadrants and grab your pick or a wide tooth comb. I used my wide tooth comb for a better grip. After sectioning, I started to comb out my curls, but making sure that I stop about an inch down. The key is to NOT comb the curls all the way out. By leaving the coiled ends in tact, this is help with keeping the ends in tact, plus less worries about breakage. Take your time on this part! There’s no rush. I ran the comb through my hair a couple times, still making sure I kept definition. Minimal frizz is okay, after all, day 3-4 hair has a little frizz.


Big, voluminous hair!



Thanks for Reading!



Natural Hair Length Check +Goals

It seems so long ago when I chopped my hair off,  but it was slightly a year ago. Within that time, I’ve managed to grow my hair to my shoulders. I went from using a blow dryer to blow out my hair twice a week, to only 3 times in 2017. When I did use the dryer, I kept it on cool air, which my hair loved. My curls have flourished and grown beautifully.

Freshly washed hair, no product
Passed my chin!

My main goal is to rid my hair of the last bits of color on the ends because those strands are a little iffy.  By April, my wedding month, I’m aiming for my shorter layers to all catch up to the longest length. I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos on Deva cuts, so once it grows out a little more, I plan to indulge in the Devachaun experience, including adding some color!

Best Of 2017! #Goals

I cut my hair this year! Why? Because I didn’t take care of it. -__- After nursing it back to health and getting rid of old color (99% gone), On to new challenges for 2018!


I got officially engaged on Superbowl Sunday after church! The right pic is a photo of my bridal shower. Can’t wait until April 2018.


I decided to take my blogging seriously (finally!) because I’ve been “coulda-shoulda-woulda-ing” for years. For 2018, I will be more consistent! So excited creating new content.




When it comes to protective styles and wearing weaves, I’m plain jane. If I find something I like, I stick to it. I wore out box braids so I decided to dab in some other styles. I do my own hair and I’m working on getting licensure as well.


You know how you wanna save the best for last? I love this man. I pray that everyone finds love and happiness ordained by God. He helped me get back to God. Who wouldn’t want someone who was also cool with Jesus and Holy Ghost filled? No, relationships are not always lollipops, candy canes and rainbows, but the journey….the journey man….


Here’s to blessings, open doors, favor and happiness for 2018!

My Experience with A Crochet Style

Hi! Happy Holidays! I hope you’re doing well this holiday season. I’ve been missing in action for a few months but I’ll explain a few posts soon. I wanted to get back in the blogging groove and I can’t wait to produce more content. I wanted to talk about my experience with the crochet style. When I first saw these styles of style floating around, I wasn’t really impressed with it. Number one, I thought it was too much weave and I didn’t like that it looked so unreal. Okay face it, we all know it’s unreal, but still…Number two, I didn’t think I was confident enough.  Now, I’ll rock some braids and that’s it, but I wanted to step out my comfort zone and plan to this upcoming new year.

After constantly watching reviews of different hair used for crochet styles, I decided to go with the Jamaican Bounce synthetic hair by the African Collection. I love how the hair is so easy to separate before installing, this creating a fuller look without using several packs of hair.


Tools Used:

  • 3.5 packs of the African Collection Synthetic Jamaican Bounce Curls (I have a big head)
  • Large Latch Hook
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Hair Oil of Choice
  • Hair Moisturizer of Choice
  • Flexi-Rods (optional)

Before I braid my hair, I like to start on clean moisturized hair. So, with any protective style I do, my hair will be clean. This means your style will last longer and your scalp will love you. I decided to leave a little piece of hair out in the front to camouflage the parts my first go round and I was impressed with how it turned out. I did simple braids going straight back and I made sure to moisturize my hair. Practice makes perfect! To make the curls look more realistic, I separate the manufactured curl 2 to 3 times before installing, thus looking like flexi rod curls being separated and teased.

Note: Moisturizing your real hair is key!  When it was time to take them out, the weave slid off my braid as I unravel. My real hair was so soft and moisturized that it didn’t tangle with the weave.



Overall, I love this style! It took about three hours and a little over $20. This is definitely a protective style that I will add to my regimen and I’m also looking into different types of hair to try. The key to make it look realistic is separating the curls before installing. This hair can get very frizzy but I found out using a cream styling product helps th curls reduce frizz.

See ya soon!

Bella Curls on 3a/3b Hair Review

I was visiting my family this past weekend and I somehow talked myself into washing my baby brother’s hair. When I was eleven years old, I started doing my own hair and my brothers hair. I learned to clip hair, wash, flat iron, braid, etc.

I went to Family Dollar to find some hair products because the natural hair products are expanding. I saw brands from SheaMoisture and Cantu and happen to see a brand that I haven’t heard of– Bella Curls. The packaging looked very interesting, and I saw coconut…I love coconut. Not to mention, this brand was on sale. You know I’m always looking for a bargain. While I was standing there, I looked for the brand in Instagram and saw reasonable reviews so I picked up the shampoo, leave-in and the defining cream.


I wanted to use my brother Alex as a guinea pig to see how they work. When I loosed his braid out, his hair was so dry, and matted and full of that black/brown gel just building up on his head. He hasn’t washed his hair in two weeks and he always pile gel on top his head. He won’t embrace the frizz.

When I loosed the braid, his hair was…terrible. I ran it under water to activate the gel to slide out and separate into four sections. The pictures above shows his hair matted and tangled. Alex has a 3a to 3b hair type and is very long (almost waist length) and thick. After I wet his hair, I added the shampoo to his scalp to try to break up the build up.

Thoughts on the Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo

I love how this shampoo helps detangle! Talk about great slip. When I got to the matted pieces, I combed through his curls easily being careful not to pull out unnecessary hair. He did have a lot of dead hair, but after weeks of not washing or combing or detangling? That’s expected. This coconut milk nourishing shampoo lives up to their name. For it to be a shampoo, it is very nourishing while removing all the dirt and built up gel in his hair. It left that squeaky clean feeling, but it didn’t stop anything away. I definitely appreciate a shampoo that not only removes build up, but doesn’t strip the hair.

Thoughts on the leave-in Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-in Conditioner

This leave-in left a glowing shine to his hair. Even though his hair was not drying after rinsing the shampoo out, adding the leave-in gave super slip. Combing was not a problem. His curls looked alive and they popped.

Overall, I think these products worked major magic with his hair. One thing I noticed was how big these bottles are for such a great price with or without the sale. It left his hair smelling nice and refreshing and I’m definitely going to try this on my hair since my texture is different from his. After stalking their Instagram, I immediately realize they are underrated, not to mention there’s more products to try! This brand is definitely a diamond in the ruff and I’m on the hunt to try the rest!

I know we have our favorites and we stick to specific brands that may sound trendy, but try a new brand or one you never heard of. You may be surprised. Stay tuned for a review on my curl pattern.