Happy New Year! Tips to #Slay your goals in 2017!

Happy New Year folks! Don’t you just love the feeling of entering a new year? The feeling of starting over? Making new resolutions and new goals for the year? Well, I do. I have this urge to just conquer anything that comes my way. Do you get discourage weeks after because something doesn’t go your way and you feel like this will be your worse year ever? I do.

Today I’m going to share some great tips to help you slay 2017! These tips will keep you on track and to stay focused! My sister-in-law and I were having a conversation about the things we have planned this year and we wanted to make sure that we find ways to stay focus and to not lose sight of our plans. We’ve already claimed 2017 is going to be EPIC! So here’s some tips to share to make sure you SLAY your 2017 goals.

1: Create Realistic and Attainable Goals

Take a notepad and write down the things you want to achieve this year.


2: Make your goals a priority

Make time for what’s important. We have the same amount of time as Beyoncé.


3: Make a visual

Visualize your goals. You need to see where you’re going.

4: Set Deadlines 

Your goals should have a realistic timeframe of completion. Give yourself enough time to complete a task so you can move on to the next. As a blogger, I want to make sure that I create a schedule I can commit to and have fresh new content each week.



5:  Follow-Up/Personal Meetings

You are your own boss. Schedule a weekly, monthly, and quarterly check-in to check your progress. Monthly and quarterly meetings are great ways to make changes or improvements as you go.


6: Pray/Meditate

Without prayer, I would be lost sometimes. I have to talk to God everyday to let him know about how I’m feeling and what I need Him to do. It allows me to keep my head in the game and stay focus.


7: Hold yourself Accountable!

Pretty self-explanatory right? Take responsibility for your actions and if you didn’t like the results, change it! Do something about it. Don’t dwell in your mistakes and don’t make any excuses!


8: Rethink your Rewarding Process

Just because you’ve saved a $1000 in 3 months does not mean you should go on a shopping spree. Don’t go on a “fat kid junk food night” just because you can see your abs coming through.



9: Get a Planner/Journal

Planning is so much fun! I’ve always had a journal and planner, but two years ago, I was introduced to a different world of planning and journaling. A planner is a book of schedules and to-do lists that you keep on a daily basis. This a a great way to keep up with what’s going for on during your daily lives. Put your goals in there. These are my planners I have for this year. What I love about them is there are several spaces for me to write my monthly goals down.

10: Be diligent

You are what you do, not what you say so have the confidence like Kanye, grace like Beyoncé, and brains like Michelle. Take pride in what you do and care about what you do because at the end of the day, no one will care more about your goals than you do.


Remember: Not everyone is rooting for you. Sometimes it’s the people closer to you that is against you. Move in silence. Not everyone will agree and you will always encounter negativity. What’s important is how you overcome it. Now go out there and slaaaaayyyyy hunttyyy!


Happy Birthday! My Pledge to Myself: My 31 Must Do List

Every year on my birthday, I like to sit back and reflect on the past year to see what I’ve accomplished based on my resolutions I set for myself on my last birthday. You’re probably thinking, a resolution list doesn’t work, but they actually do! I use my list as a guide and plan to knock as many things out as I can, like a to-do list.

On December 24, I was blessed to see my 31st birthday! Yay! Fun fact: 24 hours before I turned 30, I had a huge meltdown. I thought my life was over. I was so upset because I didn’t get to the place where I wanted to be at 30. I was crazy, right?  I was comparing myself to other people, and it was really depressing, you know? So after talking with my boyfriend, I decided to turn a brand spankin’ new leaf. 😊


One thing I’m learning about making resolutions is that it’s okay if you don’t mark everything off your list. A few exciting things that happened to me this year was being promoted at work, having my boyfriend move to Charlotte to be near me and we are closer than ever! We do pretty much everything together and we adore and love each other immensely.

There are plenty more but I don’t want to bore you😂 After talking with my boyfriend and God of course, I put together a New Years To-Do list of things I MUST do. I call it: My 31 Must Do List. This is a list I made a few days before my birthday. Check it out below.

*Also to shop and explore in Paris

This list is in no particular order but this is a way for me to come out my comfort zone and “live a little.” The reason why I wanted to make a list like this is because I’m always waiting for someone to do something extravagant with me or getting their permission to do certain things when I shouldn’t. When you start to listen to the opinion of others, especially those who live in their own bubble, you miss out. You miss out on so much. That is what happened to me, unfortunately. This is also stressful as well so its time to stop. Please stop! God blessed you and me with a life to live to the fullest and HE doesn’t want you to spend it trying to please others. If you want to take that solo trip to Iceland or Italy, go! All you need is God’s opinion, so go. So I made a pledge to myself to go out my comfort zone, live life to the fullest, serve God’s purpose, and find out own happiness.


*What pledge will you be making to yourself in 2017?



My 2017 Reading List!

This year has taught me some things about myself that I should take with me into 2017  but I will definitely do a 2016 reflections post pretty soon. One thing that I have on my 2017 goals list is to read more. Read everything. Self-help books, horror, spirituals, African American history, inspirational, etc. My list for 2017 is very…unique. 🤓 My list ranges from self help, horror and back to history. I want to focus on becoming a better me and learning about my history in the process.  Aside from that, I have a really weird interest in books about famous serial killers and horror stories (I have a degree in Criminal Justice).

check out my list below😉


Joining a Book Club

Not only did I create my own list, I decided to also join a book club community that is hosted by this beautiful gal I found on YouTube where she dedicated her platform to reading, planning and God. I stumbled upon her channel a couple years ago and followed her 2016 reading list. Her name is LisaMarie and she is the founder of Paper & Glam. I draw inspiration from her on a day to day basis so I’m excitd to be joining her 2017 book club. She has a monthly list (shown below) and also created stickers to match for the planner addicts. At the end of each month, she has a live session to discuss the book and also there’s Goodreads, where we can discuss the book throughout the month!


I have never been more excited to create my own reading list and actually immerse myself in something other than the crazy things I see on social media. I actually started on Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and I’m hooked!!  Lookout for my review on that book soon!! Tootles! 🤗