I “Sea” Green

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and saw that I’ve been kissed with a tan. This summer is really something. For the first time, I had to buy darker foundation. Yeah I’m late to the game, but this never happens! Normally, I can get by with the same shade of foundation, but this year is has been a bit of first timers.


Another first time, is me wearing green, or any shade for that matter. Green is not a color I’d gravitate towards for warmer months, but I saw this pretty sea green dress on the clearance rack at Torrid and thought I’d try it out. Normally, I’d catch them on a BOGO 50% off, but when I visited this time around, it was an extra 50% off. Winning!

Since it’s so hot (but hell is hotter, so get right with God), this dress is perfect for spring because of how thin and flowy it is. The fabric does not stick to my skin, and the crochet detail screams feminine. Because the dress is the star, pairing with neutral accessories (although the strap on my shoes wouldn’t let me be great) fit perfectly.

Nope, I’m not. I just ate  😜

But, you already know, I couldn’t keep the look too neutral, so i jazzed it up with these cute mustard color 3 tiered cloth earrings that I snagged from a Burlington store for $1.99! Guys, I’ve been roaming in Burlington and I’m addicted to that store. I feel a Haul or lookbook coming. Although this look is not your typical white, pinks, or florals, this look is still suitable for summer! I can see me styling this several ways!


Would you believe if I said my legs were ashy in these photos? Lol.

Spring Series: Style Me 3 Ways: Striped Jumpsuit

Since spring is now one of my favorite seasons, I decided to start a few fashion series about my newfound love for this season. You’re probably thinking, “you didn’t like spring?” No, I didn’t. I was never confident in how I looked and I always kept covered. I’ll talk about how I overcame that in another blog post.

Fast forward and I’m embracing spring and the fashion trends to go with it. In today’s post, I style one of my favorite things to wear not only in the spring, but year round, the beloved jumpsuit. Or, an “adult onesie” as some people put it. I got this jumpsuit from Burlington and I was impressed at how the store has changed over the years because I could never find anything worth buying. I will be going back pretty soon. Although this jumpsuit is not 100% great quality, I love how comfortable the fit is and I adore the cropped wide leg look.

Corporate Spunk

I put this outfit together using things I already had in my closet, and I call this my corporate casual look. Yes, this jumpsuit can be worn to the office, just by adding a dope white crisp blazer and some comfortable heels. And you know, florals and stripes pair beautifully. To add more of a pop, I paired this outfit with my bright sunny yellow Michael Kors crossbody bag.


Nautical Look

This next look is going out my normal look because I’m not a sneaker person. When I saw blue, I immediately thought of red and white. Some people will think the American Flag, I just think more of a nautical look. So i kept it simple by pulling out my classic Converse sneakers. I’m digging this look and to add some flair, I grabbed my red Kate Spade crossbody. If you don’t know, crossbody bags are my favorite. Plus, you can never go wrong with a bold red lip. And yes, the rain had the nerve to come while we were shooting.


Comfy, Casual

So my last look, is just a complete casual look. This can be worn if I’m shopping with the girls (or even my husband), or just if you want to be casual and not sacrifice style. My trusty Tory Burch sandals (that I had for 2 years!) and my sunny Michael Kors bag did the trick for comfort and stylish.


You see my hair?? Check out my last post on my update!

If you’re on budget like I am, its best to find pieces that you can create multiple looks from and still be stylish for this season. I think I just created a “Restyle Me” series.

Pink And A Pop Of Denim

Sometimes, I surprise myself with how bright colors look on me. To me, you have the best mood wearing bright colors and that’s how I feel wearing this pretty fuchsia dress. It is so bright and comfortable and I love the detail on the sleeves. What I love about this dress is the endless styling options you can do. You can wear heels, flats, or sandals. Instead of going the usual, black, white or nude color pallet, I wanted to do something different.



Yes. I. Did. I slid on these pretty adorable embellished denim flats and pointy toe flats are a fav of mine. I know I leave links to everything you can buy, but this dress is sold out (came from Cato) and my shoes came from Marshall’s a couple years ago. Don’t fret, bright colors are everywhere.


You’ve seen this crossbody before, of course from Kate Spade, but these earrings! Let me tell you. I was in Target looking for a birthday gift for my aunt, and I saw these gorgeous earrings for $4! I was worried that they might be too heavy, but they are not. And look, it matches my bag.



This post is dedicated to my sister in law, because she knows I love color and she’s also hired me to revamp her entire wardrobe from darks and neutrals to vibrant colors and amazing prints, thus the birth of Styled by Marisa, a personal styling service where I assist on styling services of course for all occasions. Yup, stay tuned for the official launch!

Spring Floral Skirt

One of my goals this year is to branch out in the fashion world, to try things I wouldn’t normally try.  Before it was a bodycon dress, and this time, a pencil skirt. I’m loving this stepping out the box situation!

I found this skirt on a whim while browsing Cato and I was immediately drawn to the print. It screams “spring” and I thought of several looks with this skirt. You can check out a similar one here. 

I decided to pair this skirt with an oldie but goodie off the shoulder shirt that I styled last year on the blog here and some comfortable mules. This skirt fits nicely high waisted and is very comfortable. I chose to add a pop of blue by pairing my tassel earrings from H&M, and I mentioned in my last blog post how lightweight and comfortable they are. I do plan to get the other colors! I added a side by side photo on how I styled this blouse two ways! Pretty soon, I’m going to talk about how you can recycle looks in order to save those coins!



Spring Jumper

On my blog, I’ve talked about my love for rompers and jumpsuits, but I had to come back and talk about it again. During the warmer weather, I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes because its just too hot. Plain and simple. Secondly, jumpsuits are so easy to style.


You’ve seen this pattern on my blog last spring, and I am bringing it back. You can never go wrong with the nautical blue and white stripe trend. It’s not leaving. It’s here to stay. Most people will call them an adult onesie, but I say to that, they have no sense of taste.


This is the most comfiest jumpsuit ever. It doesn’t ride or get stuck in the booty area and it is easy to come off. I wore it on a good 90 degree day and I felt cool as a button. I kept this look simple and added my tan block heels that you’ve seen before on this blog.


Although this jumpsuit is very casual and relaxing, this can be worn in the workplace just by adding a simple white cardigan. Unlike most jumpsuits whose pants will fall to the floor, I can wear flats and heels and the bottom won’t drag. Where did I get this, you might ask? None other than Old Navy. Of course, there are multiple different patterns so if the nautical theme is not your style, check these out.