Favorite Spring/Summer Dresses Roundup

Waits patiently for fall…

Although there are a few more warmer days before there are cooler days, I definitely wanted to share my favorite spring/summer dresses I wore this season. Between the florals and fun summer colors to a princess gown for a day, I thoroughly enjoyed my wardrobe! Let’s see who made the cut.

Halter Maxi


So I wanted to start with my FAVORITE dress of this season, ok? I was talking to my husband, and I told him that it really bothered me that I couldn’t find a real maxi dress that complimented my body. I wanted something flattering and super long that covers my feet even when I’m wearing heels. Guys, I found this dress on Amazon when I tested out their Prime Wardrobe. I never have much success when it comes to plus size clothing, so I tried this service. I love the tiered style with the little pom poms on it and I received so many compliments on this dress. Although I did return it, I will be purchasing it for next year. Yes this dress is quite pricey, but the dress is great quality. Its 100% cotton, beautifully lined so it won’t show all your goodies, and very comfortable. I did manage to find an affordable one on Shein for a fraction of the price here. It is very similar to the Eliza J brand I wore, but you will probably get one season out of this.

Romantic Florals


You guys have seen this dress on the blog, but I’m bringing it back! I loved this dress so much I paid full price for it. I’m starting to notice a tiered silhouette going on like the last dress, but this is the girliest dress I’ve ever seen. My husband was like, yeah that dress is you. And let me tell you, this dress is on sale here. I see myself wearing this dress for the next few seasons, and a little secret guys…I’ve purchased plenty items from Torrid and they last for a good while. I’ve worn this dress to church with a cardigan, but you can wear this dress anywhere.


Shoes: Nine West, Handbag: CatoFashions

Blue is my favorite color so this dress was already a fav. I was looking for ways to improve my church wardrobe and this was another dress I tried in the Amazon wardrobe trial. Now I have to purchase it because it is lovely. This is such a chic and modest dress and I love how ladylike it is. Church is not the only place you can wear this dress, but anywhere. This dress is also true to size. Get yours here.

Calvin Klein?


I know I’m super late to the game, but I never fully grasped the fact that Calvin Klein makes plus size clothing. I would see them, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because some brands sizes are not a true to size. Again, another Amazon Wardrobe try-on success, this maxi dress is awesome. I was afraid that the top would be too thin and revealing, but you couldn’t see a thing. It’s a light, flowy dress that doesn’t stick to you. I wore this to a baby shower with a bold red lip.

As you know, I can always count on Old Navy to supply me with dresses that are casual and great for traveling. I wore this dress constantly and I love how this color complimented my skin. I love how the straps were adjustable but, in order for me to be comfortable, I crossed my straps to prevent them from falling.


Dresses are my favorite thing to wear aside from rompers and jumpsuits because it is a complete look in itself. Just find the right accessories and you’re good!

But the best dress…

You already know. You already know! My wedding gown! The best spring dress for 2018! If you want to see a dedicated post about my wedding attire, read about it here. I talk , about the brand and the amazing level of comfort, but let’s take another look and appreciate the beauty.


What are your favorite dresses that your wore for spring/summer?

Gems in Burlington

Hello! I hope this blog post finds you well today. I thank God for beautiful weather today. What are you thankful for today?

Lately, I’ve been hopping into Burlington more times than usual and this store impresses more than when it used to be Burlington Coat Factory. I was never a fan of the store back then and I felt like there wasn’t anything for me. Today, I have this store placed with the likes of Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. My husband seems to like it as well, so that’s a plus.

This season, I’m all about comfort and trying to stay cool because the sun just makes you not want to put on too many clothes and then you don’t want the clothes to stick to your body. I was supposed to be looking for bathroom decor items and baby stuff (I’m gonna be an auntie, to a niece), when i found myself in the plus section and y’all….I found this really cool off the shoulder nautical dress.



How cute and comfy this dress is? I love the embroidery detail on the sleeve that compliments my tassel hoop earrings that I also found from Burlington for only $2.99. The only drawback about these earrings is the tassels couldn’t stay straight, but I enjoyed my husband correcting them.

There’s no wrong way to wear this dress, ok? You can pair sandals, white sneakers, and for me, you know I trust my Tory Burch sandals to go with anything. They also add a sense of elevation to the outfit as well.

See what I mean about my earrings? Lol

I forgot to mention, this dress was only $14.99. Although the chambray with the nautical blue and white stripes are not going out of style any time soon, I can rest easy knowing that I didn’t have to break the bank to look fashionable. Check out your local Burlington and see if you find any gems.


Summer Romance

This year, I’ve been feeling the pretty pastels and soft florals. I love how feminine and girly they are and I notice that I’ve been filling my closet with such. In my humble opinion, florals and pastels are a good way to get in touch with your girly side! I remember growing up, florals were my favorite pattern, (the tasteful patterns I might add) and I would be teased about it. But that didn’t stop me not one bit! My blankets, dresses, sweaters were floral.


So when I saw this dress from Torrid a couple months ago, I fell in love with it. But I wasn’t interested in paying full price for it. Let’s face it, Torrid is a little overpriced especially when I would find loose threads from brand new pieces. I walked away because $90 for a dress was too much for me. So, I went back a month or so later and still saw it there. Still full price. Still pretty. I decided to grab it. Yup. Full price and no coupon. But let me tell you, it was one of the best full price purchases I made.



I absolutely love this dress! I purchased this in a 3x (my Torrid size) and it fits perfectly! Can we talk about this? I’ve never been one to wear halter style dresses but the fit on this dress is superb. This dress is darling, and not a thread out of place. It is very lightweight with the tiered ruffles going on. This dress has the high-low effect but its too exaggerating. With a white cardigan or light pink one,  I can wear this to church with a nude pair or heels, or date night with some comfy sandals.



I love how it cinches above the waist and it camouflages everything giving a very feminine silhouette.



The best thing about this dress, is that it will last for several spring/summer seasons to come. The print, the style and colors, are here to stay, so I will definitely get my price per wear out of this. I wore this dress this past Sunday with my bright pink block heels from Forever 21 that you’ve seen several times and my matching Kate Spade purse. If you want a more romantic, subtle look, a pair of nude heels and a rose colored crossbody/clutch does the trick as well.

If you’re looking to spend more money than you would on a piece of clothing, make sure you can wear it next year and not stuffed in the back of your closet.

One Dress: 3 Seasons

Don’t you just love when you can take one article of clothing and create multiple looks in different seasons? Well, that’s how I felt about this dress from Old Navy. As you know, I’ve never been one to wear things once and throw away. I have to find ways to get my money’s worth. What’s amazing is, when you find a bargain and you really worked out that price per wear!


For starters, I think this dress is adorable. Not only is it very lightweight to wear in the spring/summer, but also lightweight to layer. I’ve even worn this dress as a top, without the slip. Although this is your typical black/white ensemble, adding a pop of color brings character to the look. My favorite color to add flair would be, of course, pink or in this case, HOT pink.


My trusty hot pink block heels from Forever 21 that you’ve seen so many times already (talk about price per wear), and my new scalloped pink crossbody from Kate Spade. And I didn’t stop there with the accessories. These beautiful hot pink flower earrings were a Godsend from the H&M sale rack for $3!


If you’re feeling hesitant about wearing the same things in different seasons, don’t be. I love to challenge myself in the fashion spectrum while saving a few coins!

I “Sea” Green

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and saw that I’ve been kissed with a tan. This summer is really something. For the first time, I had to buy darker foundation. Yeah I’m late to the game, but this never happens! Normally, I can get by with the same shade of foundation, but this year is has been a bit of first timers.


Another first time, is me wearing green, or any shade for that matter. Green is not a color I’d gravitate towards for warmer months, but I saw this pretty sea green dress on the clearance rack at Torrid and thought I’d try it out. Normally, I’d catch them on a BOGO 50% off, but when I visited this time around, it was an extra 50% off. Winning!

Since it’s so hot (but hell is hotter, so get right with God), this dress is perfect for spring because of how thin and flowy it is. The fabric does not stick to my skin, and the crochet detail screams feminine. Because the dress is the star, pairing with neutral accessories (although the strap on my shoes wouldn’t let me be great) fit perfectly.

Nope, I’m not. I just ate  😜

But, you already know, I couldn’t keep the look too neutral, so i jazzed it up with these cute mustard color 3 tiered cloth earrings that I snagged from a Burlington store for $1.99! Guys, I’ve been roaming in Burlington and I’m addicted to that store. I feel a Haul or lookbook coming. Although this look is not your typical white, pinks, or florals, this look is still suitable for summer! I can see me styling this several ways!


Would you believe if I said my legs were ashy in these photos? Lol.