Spring Jumper

On my blog, I’ve talked about my love for rompers and jumpsuits, but I had to come back and talk about it again. During the warmer weather, I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes because its just too hot. Plain and simple. Secondly, jumpsuits are so easy to style.


You’ve seen this pattern on my blog last spring, and I am bringing it back. You can never go wrong with the nautical blue and white stripe trend. It’s not leaving. It’s here to stay. Most people will call them an adult onesie, but I say to that, they have no sense of taste.


This is the most comfiest jumpsuit ever. It doesn’t ride or get stuck in the booty area and it is easy to come off. I wore it on a good 90 degree day and I felt cool as a button. I kept this look simple and added my tan block heels that you’ve seen before on this blog.


Although this jumpsuit is very casual and relaxing, this can be worn in the workplace just by adding a simple white cardigan. Unlike most jumpsuits whose pants will fall to the floor, I can wear flats and heels and the bottom won’t drag. Where did I get this, you might ask? None other than Old Navy. Of course, there are multiple different patterns so if the nautical theme is not your style, check these out.


SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Product Review #amillionwaystoshea

I’ve been natural for about 7 years and SheaMoisture was the first natural hair brand I tried. Actually, to be exact it was the Coconut and Hisbiscus line. I bet that was everyone’s go to when they started. What I loved about it was how nourishing and moisturized my hair was. Not a dry strand on my head! 🤗

Exploring A Million Ways to Shea

Fast forward a few years and my hair changed so much. It sheds a lot and is extremely dry. Because this brand is so trustworthy in my opinion, I wanted to see if they had anything that will target my special needs. I saw a campaign they were advertising called #amillionwaystoshe where it recommends products based on your hair type and goals. My goals were to focus on strengthening, moisturizing, and restoring.

These are just a few screenshots on how it looks. So first, I uploaded my picture and select my hair type and style. I wear my hair curly 98% of the time. The top right are my goals and everything in white are what I selected and the bottom right is asking what my hair is like.



It seems like my hair needs help! I realized my results were from four different lines and I was a little nervous because I don’t like mixing lines unless I’ve experienced them. I’m more nervous about high porosity line since I took the test to learn I have low porosity hair instead. However, the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil line and the Sacha Inchi Oil are very promising.

What I Went With……


Now I know these are not all the products to the line, but I wanted to try these out and I love them. I already tested the leave-in and it loves my hair. The shampoo not only detangles but it doesn’t give you that stripped feeling. The treatment masque is really thick, like peanut butter, which left my hair soft. The star of the line is the leave in conditioner, of course! I mixed it with the oil and coconut because my hair could use all the moisture and it works!! The peppermint infused in the products left a sastifying after smell. Check out my YouTube video on how I use these products and also created a cute style at the end.


*not sponsored, I just love SheaMoisture


Tights and Tulle

The weather is changing here in Charlotte! It’s getting cooler and that means tights, blazers, sweaters and layering. However, I’m not quite over spring because of my love for mixing my dresses with tights. Cool, huh?

Saturdays for me are very relaxing even though I took a trip to Florence, SC for a surprise birthday dinner for my nephew. Any excuse to get dressed up, I’m there!

I had this dress for a couple years now and only wore it twice(Thanks Forever 21). I wanted to wear it but the way my body is set up, I would freeze (I’m anemic)😐. So I pulled out the these sweater stockings I purchased from Lane Bryant last year and these babies are super warm! I kept it comfy with black flats and would you believe me if I said I thrifted this satin black blazer about 5 years ago??

This look proves that you can reshot your closet and create brand new looks. Such a great way to stay in budge too. 🤗

Natural Hair Growth Journey


Starting this month going through all of 2017, I decided to re-focus on the health of my hair and trying to grow out my hair as long and thick as I could possibly get. I’ve been natural since 2009 and I’ve been either cutting my hair, or coloring my hair. On top of that, I haven’t been taking the best care of it. With that being said, my hair would only grow a little pass my shoulders and then start to shed and break.

The Beginning


Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? I know right! I was about 4 years old in this pic and my parents took great care of my hair. It may not look like it, but my hair was super thick and long and I cried so hard everytime mom did my hair! It was so bad that dad had to take over. By the way, I never cried with him. Lol!

My Hair Type And POROSITY

Is it 3c? I’m going with 3c. I never cared to know my curl pattern because curl typing became so controversial to where, if you didn’t have an “acceptable pattern”, you weren’t really natural. However, its important to know my pattern to understand how to care for my strands. I did a porosity test on my hair by grabbing shedded hair from the four quadrants of my head and 75% of my hair tested low porosity. Funny how the other 25% of my hair is medium to high porosity (will discuss in a later post). Knowledge of my hair type and how it works is critical to healthy practices to grow my hair.

My Natural Hair And Tips I will Use on my Journey

I recently colored my hair for the last time last year and am looking forward to growing it all out. Although you can’t tell, the back of my hair is very thin and fragile due to stress and the front and sides are super thick. So here are my tips to myself that I will use to restore my tresses and reach bra strap length by December 2017:

#1: Scalp massages w/oils

#2: Less Heat & No Coloring

#3: Protective Styling

#4: Deep Conditioning

#5: Healthy Eating & Exercising


It’s November Already?

Geez, it’s November already? Pretty soon it will be 2017. Where has the time gone? I’m excited to start this month to celebrate what’s to come: Thanksgiving, Black Friday Shopping, putting up Christmas decorations and getting an extra hour of sleep!

Style Deets

I wanted to rock this Calvin Klein pleated faux leather skirt (from Burlington Coat Factory) 😉! This skirt gave me several outfits in my head that I couldn’t figure out what to try. Since I have an 8-5 job, I wanted to style it “work glam.” It’s a modest outfit paired with cool accessories (hat from Old Navy @& scarf from Express) and my black bag.

Sooooo…..what are your plans?? 😄

I will definitely will be participating in the holiday activities but this time also gives me a chance to plan for what’s to come in 2017 so i always focus on my New Years resolutions. Do you start thinking of your resolutions this early?