Skincare Routine with Urban Skin Rx!

Skincare wasn’t something I learned early on like some women did. In fact, I didn’t learn about it until my late 20’s early 30’s. So for me, learning about the different kinds and methods of skincare was very overwhelming for me and costly. Brands would say their products the best, and I’d try it. Then immediately stopped when I noticed no good results.

Fast forward, I saw this brand being talked about by a lot of women, especially black women. Women who had the same issues as me. Despite my having a keloid, it doesn’t deter me from perfecting the quality and longevity of my skin. Sometimes, its not just drinking water and minding my own business, I gotta put some extra work in it too.

I started out with the Even Tone Cleansing bar and the Super C Brightening Serum. I got them from Target. They were kinda pricey for me, but, I look at it as an investment. Still drinking my water and minding my business, I noticed some improvements after a week. My skin tone was mellowing out and I had a glow. My face started brightening up, didn’t have any redness, or breakouts. Alright, what else you got?

So I visited the site and started searching. Oh y’all pricey pricey! For my pockets. I was willing to try more things but was still skeptical about the costs, so at the time, they had the Even Tone products in a travel essentials bundle. If I remember correctly, it was the cleansing bar, the serum, moisturizer, SPF, and a spot treatment. This should last a couple weeks for some real results.


If I had to tell you, its because, I got it in my eyes, LOL. It’s disgusting too. Yeah, some always gets caught in my mouth too.

After two weeks, I looked different. I looked refreshed, not tired, more lively. Being a new mom, working from home with plenty responsibilities, and not much sleep will have you looking like a zombie or in my case, a “mom-bie.” So I’m walking around my home looking refreshed but tired! My makeup started looking better.

It will be almost a year that I’ve tried these products and I still use them, branching out to new products and even trying out different brands (little by little), but I am loving these products. Like any other brand of skincare, consistent use is key. I used these products morning and night, consistently. The pregnancy glow that I lost after Harper was a few months came back with interest. My skin was overall one color. My pores around my nose shrunk more than normal, and my makeup looked better. Even though our skin has texture and makeup will never be that smooth (unless your skin is super perfect), I could tell my makeup went on better. The oil on my t-zone seemed to be nonexistent. My favorite moisturizer to combat my t-zone is the Hydra Balance Instant Moisture Infusion (night) and the Radiant & Bright Glowing Moisturizer (day).

If you notice in the March photo, the perimeter around my face is slightly darker from my cheeks down to my jawline. Now, its even throughout. Thanks to the serum, my under eyes are not that dark anymore, including around my nose.

Here is my most updated skin care routine and how my skin is looking right now! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content to come! And stay tuned for a night time skincare routine!

#Style Me 3 Ways: Polka Dots Top from NY&CO!

With the pandemic still going on, I’m having all kinds fun styling and re-styling different pieces in my closet. Gives me an idea of how I’m going to wear something when we can be social again. I mean, we can be social now, but of course, lots of restrictions.

We’re going to be styling this top that I love from NY & CO three different ways: very girly, somewhat casual, and a wildcard. Gives me an idea of how many times I can get away with wearing the same things. So let’s see what we have!

Very Girly

Give me an excuse to put on a dress or a skirt and I’m there. You may have see this skirt before, but I love it. It literally goes with anything and I can wear it any kind of way. I kept everything simple with the blush pink, to let the top shine.

Skirt: Target, Shoes: JustFab, Purse: KateSpade

Casual|Print Mixing

We mixing prints in 2021! I know I’m late to the party, but I always thought that print mixing didn’t look good on me. So here’s to trying new things! Since it was kinda chilly, chose my trusty cardigan also from NY&CO. Not only is this look is cool, but also, comfortable enough to run after Harper!

Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Kate Spade, Cardigan: NY&CO


How cute and simple is this look?? You know I never owned a cool leather jacket until now? A simple black and white look can be elevated with just the boots and jacket. Fun fact: I was not a fan of the combat look until last year. I bought these boots just to test the look out to see if I liked it. I must say, I’m a fan.

Jeans and Jacket: Torrid, Boots: JustFab

Stay tuned for more posts on #styleme3ways!

Amazon the Drop Review: Highlowluxxe Collection

I found Jenee’ (check out her blog here!)on Instagram through her styling her clothing racks. They were so well put together, coordinated and themed perfectly. Then I got to know her a little bit through social media and realized at the time, she had a full-time career at Target (I used to work there too!) and she was blogging on the side. Sis was dressing well, looking well, and I’m pretty sure smelling well, making affordable items look all luxurious.

Now, she is one of the few that I enjoy following when it comes to all thing luxe. I mean I can’t afford it, but she is a reminder that I can have nicer things if I choose to. So when she partnered with Amazon to create a beautiful luxury collection, I was stalking the drop like clockwork! I wish I got everything but I settled on the cream wrap dress, the cream set, and the black mini dress. Let’s talk about my favorite dresses.

I don’t see myself giving this dress away. Mini dresses are here to stay and with this one so well made, I can wear this every fall/winter season. Its very versatile and you can wear it with pretty much anything, including tights.

Okay this has to be my favorite drop. A true wrap dress is so timeless and it will never go out of style. My favorite feature about this dress is how thick and well made it is. It is not flimsy or “trendy feeling” . For those with a modest lifestyle, this dress is perfect as it is tasteful in the length and cleavage area.

stay tuned for my next review!

Amazon The Drop Review: SignedBlake Collection

I recently learned that Amazon collaborates with bloggers and influencers from around the world to create a clothing collection that represents them and their current trend. Its pretty intense because you have 30 hours to shop the collection and once it sells out, its gone.

Recently I had the pleasure of picking a piece from the @SignedBlake collection that was completely out of my comfort zone and decided to style it out of my normal style. Blake is the first black influencer I noticed to have a collection, and not only do I follow her, she is quite the badass. Most of the collections within The Drop are not plus size friendly, so it is definitely enlightening to see she thought of us.

Wanna know what’s funny? I didn’t originally order this piece. I wanted the floral ruffle maxi dress, so im not sure how my order was mixed up. At the time I couldn’t return it because the piece I wanted sold out in my size. After a couple weeks I decided to take it out for a spin and go grunge chic. Yeah, that’s what I’m calling it. I decided to pair it with some combat boots that’s high on trend this season and I belted the dress to give it more shape. Also rolling up the sleeves helps frame the look as well.

I’m so glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something different! Stay tuned for my next Amazon The Drop review!