Hi! My name is Marisa, and welcome to CurlsWithStyle! For those of you who are new to my platform, I am a newlywed wife to an amazing husband and also a first time mom to a beautiful little girl. I am also a career based woman living in Charlotte, North Carolina. CurlsWithStyle is a platform dedicated to inspire people to find beauty in the growing process of their life while also appreciating the glow-up. For me, I’m always trying to improve on my self goals, family goals, and career goals. I thought it would be a great way to connect with others who may be going through their own journey.

I could remember trying to start my blog for the longest and realize that I will had some growing to do. That I was working on creating stories to share with the world when the time is right. Funny how God allowed that to happen in this moment in time. In addition to growing in my career, and loving on my family, I am creating wholesome content for CurlsWithStyle, shopping, traveling a little bit (COVID friendly of course), reading, and spending time with God.

I would love to work with brands and companies who share my values and can translate that to the world. Please email me at curlswithstylebiz@gmail.com for a copy of my media kit.

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