Postpartum Hair Update: Giving myself a Curly Cut|Stop Being a Lazy Natural!

I am 17 months postpartum guys! It’s been such an interesting journey. In my last blog post about my hair, I talked about caring for my hair, and the products I’ve been using to maintain the health of my hair as much as I could. But I will tell you, its been very challenging because, like I said earlier, you can’t avoid postpartum shedding. Here we are in March and I am upgrading the hair care.

I was reminded how much of a lazy natural I can be. You think when you’ve been natural for such a long time, you can make shortcuts, when you really can’t. Welcome to my life. I recently was reminded that I have low porosity hair which means its a little harder for water and products to penetrate my hair. Not only that, its important for me to use warm water from start to finish during my wash routines as well as heat (sit under dryer or steamer) to help products penetrate my hair for added and extra moisture. Most of these things I already knew, but I was reminded that the reason why my hair has been dry and limp lately, was because I’m skipping deep conditioning treatments with heat and using the LCO method instead of the LOC method. Also, gels aren’t really good for my hair as they tend to help dry out my hair faster. I was also skipping using oil for style takedowns we well. Who knew??

My goal is to grow my hair out as long and as thick as I can, and I will continue this journey til my 36th birthday in December. Of course I will be giving updates throughout the year on my progress. In this video, I take you along my curly cut routine, and I’m sure I’m not doing something right by way of the professionals, and that’s okay. If you’re in Charlotte with an opening, message me on IG. If you’re on a hair care/growing journey like me, feel free to join me! Head over to my instagram @curlswithstyle to follow my journey.

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