Current Cravings During My Pregnancy

We’re 19 weeks into this pregnancy and I can honestly say that I haven’t had any weird pregnancy cravings! You know, like the peanut butter and sardine combination or anything weird, I would say. Things you don’t normally eat if you’re not pregnant.

Spaghetti pasta salad

I tend to crave things I haven’t eaten in a long time or I need an excess of one particular thing. One thing I can say, is I’ve been really good at balancing healthy things with some “not so healthy things” which my doctor noticed because the baby is doing very healthy!

Seafood platter from The Midnight Diner

Healthy Cravings

Watermelon! I have to have it. I remember when it wasn’t quite watermelon season and I would go to every store to see if they had any decent looking watermelon slices or the ones that came in a cup. Sometimes, it was a success. Now we’re in season and my brother bought me those giant ones and I finished it in two days. Here are a few more of some healthy cravings.

Salads//Green Olives//fresh cucumbers//Superfruit Smoothie from Panera//Bahama Mama Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe//Dill Pickles//

Not so Healthy Cravings

Infamous Shrimp & Grits from The Midnight Diner in Charlotte, NC

Those Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s with extra Tarter is the key to my soul! LOL! I remember I wanted some at midnight one night and I rode with my husband to get it! You have to get extra tarter though! I will say, my not so healthy cravings might outweigh the healthy ones but I can eat salad and watermelon all day. Check out these out.

Beef Flavor Ramen Noodles w/Hotdogs//Chips//Butterfinger Sonic Blast from Sonic’s//Original Chicken Sandwich w/cheese from Burgr King//Sonic Burger from Sonic//McDonald’s Fries

I’ve talked to so many mothers since I was pregnant and I realized I’ve been blessed in my pregnancy. Although we’re still early, I’m sure there will be more changes coming and I’m going to embrace them. Pregnancy is a journey that unfortunately not all can go through, especially the ones who want it. So the only thing I can do is be thankful for each chapter and each craving!

Did you have any crazy cravings?

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