Surviving The First Trimester

“Make sure you take care of yourself!”

I talk to my auntie pretty much every week and she’s always making sure that I am taking care of my self. No stress. Don’t get upset. Don’t watch scary movies. Talk to the baby. Play classical music. Get some exercise in. Like a drill mom.

I didn’t have much questions. Actually, I didn’t have any questions. My doctors looked at me like I was the “perfect patient.” No crazy questions. Only the basics. What can’t I eat anymore? What medicines should I leave alone for the next 8 or 9 months? Can I travel? Get on a plane? They would stare at me for minutes on end because I was a “good patient.” Whatever that malarky was.

Any symptoms?

Thank God, I did not experience morning sickness. No vomiting. However, I was extremely tired. No energy. Slept a lot. Missed work a lot because the idea of sitting at a desk for 8 hours getting yelled out was very tiring. It got to a point where I did not feel like me because I am always on the go. On my off days, I’m running errands, cooking, doing my hair, working on my blog. But I really had to take a step back and sit down. My husband likes to tell me, “hunbun you’re growing a human. Relax.” I felt weird knowing I can’t move like i normally can. For a couple weeks, I lost my appetite and it showed in my next appointment because I lost weight. And dehydrated.

In the last few weeks, body pain was inevitable. Things like doing basic chores or walking around the mall was too strenuous. I remember I was taking a few days off work and I wanted to do some extra cleaning and make dinner for hunbun. After I was done, my body felt like someone hit me with a ton of bricks! I was in so much pain! And I can hear my aunt tell me to sit down!

Scary Movies

I think giving up horror movies was depressing for me. Hear me out! I’ve been watching scary movies since I was a little girl and I watch them like regular shows. They don’t bother me. However, my sister and aunt explained to me that the baby feels everything that I feel, knows what I’m watching and the last thing I want my unborn baby to know about is evil spirits, and devil worshippers, serial kills, slasher movies, etc. She said, “you don’t want to pass this on to the baby.” After I have the baby then I can continue. So its really funny for me to try to watch stuff. Many of you may not agree, but they haven’t failed me yet in the wisdom catergory. So all the good horror movies coming out this summer will be on hold until this winter. Anyone ever told y’all this?

Mental Health

It took a while to grasp the fact that I am adding a new role to….me. Mommy. I felt depressed and paranoid. I set some really high expectations for myself if I ever decided to be a mom. The ultimate perfect mom. Never let your kid see you sweat. Have ambition. Be super educated. Have lots of money. Discernment need to be on point. Make sure baby has all that you didn’t get. Lots of wisdom, knowledge, summer camp, learn how to swim. Guys I made a mental checklist of things I wanted for the baby. Thinking of all this made me depressed! There isn’t a manual for being the child I am getting. I can try to be prepared all I want, but life never goes as planned. I would stress myself out about the amount of money I need to save, the debt I need to kill, go back to school, start this business that I was working on, just prepare to be the perfect mom. Sometimes, I still feel that way, but the only thing I can do is prepare for what I can and allow God and Hubby to help with the rest.


Before I found out I was pregnant, I increased my water intake to a half gallon a day. The more I drank, the thirstier I became. My silly self thought that was a side effect of drinking more water! Key lime pie for dessert at all times, okay!? I had to have it. Now, in my defense, I like the pie anyway, but every night? But then I started to think I was crazy because I wanted buffalo chicken tenders, fries with seasoned salt ( I DON’T LIKE SEASON SALT ON MY FRIES) and a wedge salad with all the fixings from Red Robin. I remember eating that for almost two weeks straight. But again, in my defense, if I like something, I will run it out until I’m sick of it. Sour candy was a must have and I would snack on those in church along with a big bottle of water. Mommy’s cooking was at the top of the list and salads were REQUIRED! As the weeks progressed, I find myself not having an appetite at all. I would barely eat. I hated blueberry muffins and those sausage biscuits w/cheese from McDonald’s. These were things I loved at one point. Things became too sweet or too salty and I would barely eat. Sometimes, an apple was all I wanted.

Hubby + Mood Swings?

My husband is a trooper. He’s very supportive and he’s really on this journey with me. He downloaded this app that keeps track of baby growth, things to expect in pregnancy, and he’s looking forward to first time daddy classes. I don’t have mood swings, thank the Lord, but it all goes back to my mental state. I spent most of the first trimester sad and depressed and I kept to myself, so fussing was too much for me. I do remember crying! Before I stopped watching scary movies, I was watching the new Halloween movie on a “day off” and I remember crying because the people were getting killed! It was so funny to me because I was real invested in those people! I thought it was really funny. But all in all, and my husband can attest to it, but mood swings didn’t exist and even though I’m currently in my second trimester writing this, mood swings are not here and not welcomed.


It was still chilly in my first trimester, so leggings and over-sized sweaters was my wardrobe. And jeans until I can no longer button them. Now I understand why pregnant people don’t want to dress like much because, comfort is key. And that was me. Now that we’re entering warmer months, my wardrobe will definitely changing and I can bring out some maternity fashion. After all, this blog is part fashion.

Overall, the first trimester was very challenging for me. My body taught me to relax both mentally and physically. It also gave me time to really think about what I want for my little one and get in the mood of excitement. I’m getting the hang of it!

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