Natural Hair Update: 2019 Plans

Happy 2019! We’re finally getting to the end of the first month of the year and I hope you have your goals and plans ready. I’m still working finalizing mine in a few days, but nevertheless, I hope you’ve gotten started at least! So, I was sitting at work looking at my Snapchat memories, and I noticed a photo a year from today I took, mainly focusing on my hair. I compared it to a snap I just took not minutes before and noticed some growth. I was impressed. The reason why I was impressed is because 2018 has been a very stressful year for me and I noticed my hair suffered from it. I had to trim very often, my hair was shedding more than usual, and my curls looked lifeless more days than I liked.

Regardless, I kept protecting, nursing, leaving the heat alone, instead of the alternative; cutting my hair off. And I must say, I’m very pleased with my progress! I also noticed, that my hair shrinks soooooo bad! But you know, the more shrinkage, the more healthy. So let’s talk about the changes that happened to my hair this past year. So many events lead to stress. Stress led me to mostly a sedentary and depressing mindset that it was hard to focus. I learned my anemia played a role because I wasn’t taking my iron pills, plus I wasn’t exercising. Remember, sedentary. I was a zombie for the better half of 2018.

I didn’t stay there long and I’ve been making small strides to get back on the horse. In such a small amount of time I noticed, small strides really helped me and I’m bringing them with me.

Rice Water//I used rice water ONCE and I immediately saw a difference. My hair was softer, and there was minimal shedding. I wanted to try because i saw mixed reviews, but I can honestly say, its something I’m going to add to my regimen this year.

More protective styles// I stand by this. This works. Less manipulation promotes growth, with the RIGHT protective style and the RIGHT technique. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk about protective styling.

WIGS//You know?? I’ve NEVER tried a wig before. My mother in law kinda haste me when I told her I wanted to try them, but she doesn’t understand people who have beautiful hair wears them. Because I’m staying away from heat, I’ve been wanting to try a short straight bob, so stay tuned.

Professional trims//I normally do my own, but the last time I “trimmed” my hair, one side was longer than the other. There’s something invigorating when a professional cuts your hair.

More Protein Treatments//I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done last year and I realized I haven’t done enough. Most people can go every 6 months, but my hair desires it once every 3 months.

Workout Regimen/Iron Pills/////YEP! Hubby has already started helping me with a workout regimen to keep me consistent and motivated. Not only for the health of my hair but my body as well. We’ve learned that my body hates me if she doesn’t move. It will stiff like its no tomorrow and become sore. When I work out, the blood will flow and the oxygen levels will increase!

So comparing my regimen from last year, I’m pretty much doing the same, but I’m committing myself to including a healthier lifestyle including rice water and more protein treatments! I decided to do this instead of chopping it off like I normally do, since I know how to take care of my hair. So if you’re going through some tough time with your hair, lets add a new, different regimen to shake things up!

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