If You’re Into Horror/Slasher movies…..Check These Out!

I think I’m going to make this one of my lifestyle must haves on the blog because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE horror/slasher movies. I grew up watching them starting as a little girl (thanks Dad!) Its my brother Anthony and my favorite past time. We’ll watch anything scary, or not so scary that should be and have a great time. We always turn our noses to people who don’t like them (not really, but we giggle), and become excited when we do meet another human being that ,loves them too! So if you’re into these types of movies, check these out!

In theaters now…

I’m an AMC member and I’ve seen these movies and loved them. Hellfest is a complete slasher movie, so not much of a story line, but we love a good slasher. If you’ve been following The Conjuring or Annabelle, you would appreciate The Nun. Lots of jumpy scenes and there’s a little surprise at the end! Now I’ve been a Michael Myers fan since I was a little girl, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the Rob Zombie remakes, but this remake!! It is EVERYTHING guys!! Can we just acknowledge that this movie made over $70mil their first weekend, its the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead AND the female lead is over 55! And who doesn’t love Jamie Lee Curtis?? If you’ve seen the older Halloween movies especially the first one, you will be just as excited as I was!

oldies, but goodies...

These will have to be my main favs. I watch these all the time, including Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. These are old school horror movies and they never get old.

If you have time to watch the entire collection...

halloween collection

Netflix fav…

The Haunting of Hill House


I’m sure you’ve heard, that The Haunting of Hill House is the “scariest Netflix series” out right now, but I’m still trying to find the “scariest” parts. It is indeed a good show. They are some moments that will make you jump and I love the flashbacks. The idea around it can be very scary. You have these kids that lives in this super haunted house that took their mother away from them, not to mention the things they’ve seen while they live there.

Happy watching!

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