Fall Ready?

The weather is changing and fall is coming guys, so tell me why I can’t find anything plain and basic in my closet? During the transition period, I like to keep it simple sometimes and I also learned that basic pieces can not only help with transitioning summer to fall but can really put together a fall look too. But I was upset that I only had bright, colors, elevated patterns, funky textures,etc in my closet, I couldn’t make those look plain if I wanted to. If you’re anything like me,you need some basic pieces in your closets. So here’s what I’m shopping for this month.

Dark/Denim Jeans: I barely wear pants, let alone jeans, so I decided to indulge in the Girl With Curves x Lane Bryant collection and ordered the high waist skinny pant in black. They are so sexy looking and very versatile! In my opinion, they are the epitome of basic because they can be worn with anything.


Pleated Skirt-Although the pleated skirt trend is one of the trends this year, it can very well be a basic as it can pair with several things. I can see this worn with blouses, sweatshirts, and T-shirt’s. You can add flats, heels, or booties. This is one of my favorite colors for fall and if you like this skirt, get it here. 


Light sweaters/Tee-shirts- I’ve noticed that I love to wear plain tees or plain shirts instead of tops that are full of ruffles, prints and etc, during transition, and Old Navy has my favorite tee shirts. These are also a great layering piece for when the days get colder. Layering will forever be style to emulate so its great to have light clothing.

Boyfriend Cardigan: I love cardigans to fit oversized. Pair it with skinny jeans and plain tee and some heels or booties, and I’m good here. If you’re feeling body conscious on crazy days, they are a great item to have. This cardigan is in my cart right now, and it also comes in a soft white color and it just LOOKS comfy and soft. Get yours here.


Casual Sneakers

Fun fact: I have ONE pair of sneakers and they are worn out and I only wear them when I’m out walking. It’s a shame that I’m not a sneakerhead, and I haven’t been since 6th grade but I do plan to switch up a little bit when I want to be casual. ASOS has several Adidas that I have my eye on right now.

Other basics you can include in your closet are booties and JustFab will forever be my favorite place to find them. They come in various styles, heel height and colors. They have yet to grasp the rider boots for real plus size legs. For that, Torrid will be my #1 place for rider boots because their boots really fit a plus size leg and I appreciate that. Of course you have your trusty scarves that can be worn various ways. For me, I wear them as a turban on bad hair days, or even days when I don’t want my hair exposed to the weather.

What are some basics that you’re picking up for fall?



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