One Dress: 3 Seasons

Don’t you just love when you can take one article of clothing and create multiple looks in different seasons? Well, that’s how I felt about this dress from Old Navy. As you know, I’ve never been one to wear things once and throw away. I have to find ways to get my money’s worth. What’s amazing is, when you find a bargain and you really worked out that price per wear!


For starters, I think this dress is adorable. Not only is it very lightweight to wear in the spring/summer, but also lightweight to layer. I’ve even worn this dress as a top, without the slip. Although this is your typical black/white ensemble, adding a pop of color brings character to the look. My favorite color to add flair would be, of course, pink or in this case, HOT pink.


My trusty hot pink block heels from Forever 21 that you’ve seen so many times already (talk about price per wear), and my new scalloped pink crossbody from Kate Spade. And I didn’t stop there with the accessories. These beautiful hot pink flower earrings were a Godsend from the H&M sale rack for $3!


If you’re feeling hesitant about wearing the same things in different seasons, don’t be. I love to challenge myself in the fashion spectrum while saving a few coins!

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