I “Sea” Green

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and saw that I’ve been kissed with a tan. This summer is really something. For the first time, I had to buy darker foundation. Yeah I’m late to the game, but this never happens! Normally, I can get by with the same shade of foundation, but this year is has been a bit of first timers.


Another first time, is me wearing green, or any shade for that matter. Green is not a color I’d gravitate towards for warmer months, but I saw this pretty sea green dress on the clearance rack at Torrid and thought I’d try it out. Normally, I’d catch them on a BOGO 50% off, but when I visited this time around, it was an extra 50% off. Winning!

Since it’s so hot (but hell is hotter, so get right with God), this dress is perfect for spring because of how thin and flowy it is. The fabric does not stick to my skin, and the crochet detail screams feminine. Because the dress is the star, pairing with neutral accessories (although the strap on my shoes wouldn’t let me be great) fit perfectly.

Nope, I’m not. I just ate  😜

But, you already know, I couldn’t keep the look too neutral, so i jazzed it up with these cute mustard color 3 tiered cloth earrings that I snagged from a Burlington store for $1.99! Guys, I’ve been roaming in Burlington and I’m addicted to that store. I feel a Haul or lookbook coming. Although this look is not your typical white, pinks, or florals, this look is still suitable for summer! I can see me styling this several ways!


Would you believe if I said my legs were ashy in these photos? Lol.

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