Natural Hair Update: Blooming

It’s been a while since my last update, February to be exact, and I thought it be robbery not to come give you guys one. As you know, I’m on my way to growing my natural hair out as long and healthy as I can and I talked about a few basic things I was doing to achieve that. (Feel free to click on the menu button and select natural hair and find all my posts on my hair).


My last post about my hair, was giving myself a very much needed trim. My hair wasn’t laying right, it was getting frizzy, not to mention knots and shedding. I gave myself an at-home deva cut, where I went through my curly hair and only snipped what needed to be snipped.  After that, I kept my hair in protective styling.

Wearing my natural hair out for my wedding wasn’t planned. I did a Marley crochet and planned to rod it, creating loose waves, but I couldn’t get past the detangling. So the night before my wedding, my now mother-in-law, and maid of honor, cut it out and I put rods in my own hair. 

After I can home from our honeymoon (part 1), I braided it back up for a month. I was filming an updated hair care routine when I blew my hair out for the first time this year and saw the length I retained. Although my hair is shedding a little in the back, I was amazed at the thickness of my hair from root to tip.


I was so excited to be able to put it into a ponytail! I can do a sleek bun now and add some hair if I want! So its pretty clear at this point, guys. I’m starting to sound like a broken record because I tried to keep it low maintenance and basic during this process. Between protective styling, trimming when needed, scalp massages, and minimum to NO heat, I was able to restore my hair back to life. But this is where the plot twists.

My husband thinks I’m going to cut it, but to my surprise, with God’s help, I will not be cutting my hair for a LONG while.

For the next 90+ days, I will be embarking on a weight loss journey/eating healthy/drinking buckets of water for something exciting coming up in September. Prayerfully, with this start, comes with a lifestyle change that I can’t wait. Not only that, I definitely want to see if this plays a role in the health of my hair. Of course it would, but like I said…..I want to see. Stay tuned!


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