Spring Jumper

On my blog, I’ve talked about my love for rompers and jumpsuits, but I had to come back and talk about it again. During the warmer weather, I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes because its just too hot. Plain and simple. Secondly, jumpsuits are so easy to style.


You’ve seen this pattern on my blog last spring, and I am bringing it back. You can never go wrong with the nautical blue and white stripe trend. It’s not leaving. It’s here to stay. Most people will call them an adult onesie, but I say to that, they have no sense of taste.


This is the most comfiest jumpsuit ever. It doesn’t ride or get stuck in the booty area and it is easy to come off. I wore it on a good 90 degree day and I felt cool as a button. I kept this look simple and added my tan block heels that you’ve seen before on this blog.


Although this jumpsuit is very casual and relaxing, this can be worn in the workplace just by adding a simple white cardigan. Unlike most jumpsuits whose pants will fall to the floor, I can wear flats and heels and the bottom won’t drag. Where did I get this, you might ask? None other than Old Navy. Of course, there are multiple different patterns so if the nautical theme is not your style, check these out.


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