Flaunt Those Legs!

I’ve always been insecure about my legs. Even when i was smaller in my younger days, I always had big, healthy legs. When I wore shorts or dresses, there would be some family members that would comment on my legs and they were not nice comments. People made me ashamed of the body that I have. Then there were the sweetest comments I would get and it reminded me that I’m beautiful and chicken legs are not cute, lol! I have other family members that would stick up for me and constantly remind me that I am beautiful and fabulous!


Tast forward to today and I’m confident in my legs and my body, no matter how big I am. I didn’t realize it before but I was confident back then too.  I flaunt what I had and whatever harsh comments that were said to me, were from people who hated themselves and wanted me to feel bad about myself. The more confident I was, the more they couldn’t stand it. Although I still have flaws and imperfections, I flaunt them like medals!


So if you’re one of those people that likes to shame people of their body, shame on you and turn that mirror on you. You’re not perfect and you have flaws too. It amazes me that the women who are shamed the most ( my fluffy sisters) are the most confident and beautiful in their skin and that is inspiring.  Your mean comments empowers us and when we walk in a room, that confidence exudes all over th room.


When I put on this Old Navy dress, I wasn’t insecure at all. My fiancé said I looked beautiful (as he always does) and I sashayed through town in this dress. I pair it with my favorite block heels from Cato that I purchased last year, also with this Michale Kors bag I purchased last year as well. How cute is this look!?


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