Florals + Leopard

Can anyone explain why Charlotte still has 40 degree weather and we’re almost in April? Yeah, me either. Still trying to figure it out. While we’re patiently waiting for that days to warm up, I have been taking advantaged of warmer hours. I am so proud of Target. I remember years ago, they didn’t cater to the plus size community and their sizes would stop at an XXL, but it dint fit someone like me.


So let’s talk about this dress from the AvaViv collection. I just love the entire brand itself. The pieces are true to size and I don’t have to worry about being self conscious in this dress. I love the cinching in the waist which creates a flattering silhouette. This dress is very comfortable and I’ve worn it with flats, booties, knew high boots, and now heels. This is one of those dresses that I can wear in the warmer months with sandals and I can’t wait.

I was going to a church event with my fiancé so I wanted to dress it up with a pair of leopard heels, because, leopard goes with everything! You’ve seen this bag before and I just can’t get over how similar it is to the Chloe designer bag.


I don’t see this dress leaving my wardrobe any time soon, and I plan to wear it until the thread comes apart. Isn’t that amazing? When you find an article of clothing, you will wear it until it falls apart? That’s how I feel about this dress. This also means that I am really getting my money’s worth.



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