Curly Up-Do with Jane Carters Solution!

This year I plan to experiment more with my hair to see how creative I can get with heat free hair styles. Our curly hair responds very well to perm rods (if achieved correctly), so I decided to do one with a new product that I picked up from Target.

Note to self: NEVER let your natural hair arsenal get low. Things will add up.

I wanted to try a few new moisturizers for my hair and I of course gravitated towards the Jane Carter’s Solution Curls to Go! Curl Cocktail Conditioning Cream. My overall opinion of the product: I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the line. For my hair, 90% of the time, if the deep conditioner or the moisturizer works well on my hair, then the rest of the line will (FINGERS CROSSED).

This product is very hydrating and I feel like it will do well in a twist out or a braid out. My curls felt soft and bouncy and I like how this product can be used on its own, meaning that you don’t have to cocktail it to make it effective. This product does not leave a white cast or flaky residue and has a creamy consistency, with a floral, fresh smell.

One thing I will mention, is if you’re looking for a longer lasting style, you will need a holding product.

Styling Process

Take a look at my first Youtube video of the year to see how I created his lovely curly updo using old hair! Please comment and subscribe! I would appreciate it!



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