My Favorite Affordable Face Masks


There’s nothing like a great face mask to complete a pampering facial session. Why is it when we think we’re having a bad skin day, or we feel like our skin is not up to our expectations, that if we use a face mask, everything is right in the world? You know, I have no idea how, but it does every time!


There’s just something about laying in bed or on the couch, relaxing and enjoying the tingling sensation on your face, reaping the benefits from a mask. A simple, piece of moist paper with many vitamins, minerals, and products working to give your skin a pick me up.

Make sure your face is clean!

When I use a mask, I love how my skins just glows and radiates after 20 minutes. I wanted to share a few of my favorite affordable masks that helps my skin beam, ready for the day ahead.

It’s okay if your shirt is dirty😝

I saw this mask from Neutrogena and I was immediately drawn to the gel mask with tha seaweed extract. The gel side will penetrate your skin and it feels like you’re getting a facial. After the contents are well within your skin, the outside part of the mask dries. This mask also covers your eyes too. 

When it comes to skincare, the products can get very expensive, but that’s not to say we should be lazy in caring for our skin. Sometimes, we just can’t afford the luxury items…yet. In the meantime, I found some great masks that does just the trick to giving me beautiful, glowing skin.

Sephora Collection

When I traveled to Philly a few weeks ago, I wanted to try something new, just because I knew my skin was going to act funny in super cold weather. And what do ya know? My skin was so dry and brittle and that was new for me since I have super oily skin.

Sidenote: I learned the reason why my skin was so oily; it was because I wasn’t taking care of my skin properly, not to mention I wasn’t using moisturizer. Sad. Thank God for growth.

Our first night at Philly, it was around 27 degrees and snowing and I think I felt my skin cracked (ha!). I tried the Rose Face Mask, and for something so inexpensive, it really put some life back into my face. When I rub the excess into my skin, after it dried, my skin flourished. The next morning, it was still soft!  I dabbed into the eye masks as well every time my under eyes are puffy, and I am excited to try the gloves. Although $6/mask is quite pricey, I think they’re worth it. Plus, they don’t test on animals.



Tony Moly Sheet Mask

I’ve talked about these masks in a Favorites Post several months ago, and I still love them today. Apparently Korean skin care is where its at these days, and who could blame the Koreans? Their skin is flawless. I tried several of these sheet masks over the summer , and these masks helped me with a few skin issues I had such as redness, and crazy pores around my nose. It tamed my oiliness, reduced pimples (unless the time of the month came), and the excess essence from the mask helps with moisturizing my skin.  I also started using these masks every two days or so just to see how my skin would act. Less redness and soft shiny skin. Even my makeup looks better on me now. Although they are close to $4/each at, I stumbled upon looking for hair accessories when I found them for $1! You can find them here.

what are some of your favorite masks?



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