Best Of 2017! #Goals

I cut my hair this year! Why? Because I didn’t take care of it. -__- After nursing it back to health and getting rid of old color (99% gone), On to new challenges for 2018!


I got officially engaged on Superbowl Sunday after church! The right pic is a photo of my bridal shower. Can’t wait until April 2018.


I decided to take my blogging seriously (finally!) because I’ve been “coulda-shoulda-woulda-ing” for years. For 2018, I will be more consistent! So excited creating new content.




When it comes to protective styles and wearing weaves, I’m plain jane. If I find something I like, I stick to it. I wore out box braids so I decided to dab in some other styles. I do my own hair and I’m working on getting licensure as well.


You know how you wanna save the best for last? I love this man. I pray that everyone finds love and happiness ordained by God. He helped me get back to God. Who wouldn’t want someone who was also cool with Jesus and Holy Ghost filled? No, relationships are not always lollipops, candy canes and rainbows, but the journey….the journey man….


Here’s to blessings, open doors, favor and happiness for 2018!

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