Philly in the Winter!

A couple weekends ago, Benjamin and I took a road trip to Philadelphia for a small getaway. You’re probably thinking, why would we go to Philly? Well, why not? Benjamin and his family are from the city of brotherly love, and he was dying to show me his old stomping grounds and insisted that I try a “real” Philly cheesesteak. Our original wedding weekend was the same weekend and because we moved it to April, we decided to just get away from the real world and have fun. As soon as we got to Virginia, it started to snow, and continued all the way to Philadelphia. Although the snow picked up, seemed like when we drove through each state (Maryland, Delaware) the snow fell heavier. When we arrived to our hotel, the grounds were completely covered with snow and it was freezing! I enjoyed it though.

Center City










We stayed in Center a City since mostly everything happens around there. We stayed at the Club Quarters Hotel on Chestnut Street, which is walking distance to everything shopping and food related. Old Navy was literally next door! Although our room was super small, I still recommend it for singles or couples…who really enjoy each other’s company. It can get a little tight. 😂

Photo Credit: Club Quarters Hotel

My first impression of Philly when I got there, was how horrible the driving was. It also dawned on me that everything I learned about in history class about Ben Franklin, and the Liberty Bell, Declaration of Independence happened here! I literally had a silly moment. Don’t judge me, ok? I kept seeing statues of Ben Franklin and I turned to Benjamin and said, “What is with Ben Franklin?!” Then he had to remind me of the 1700-1800’s, and the look on my face was just, mind boggling. Yeah, that did happen here didn’t it?

I have a pick just like this!

Visiting downtown Center City the day after our arrival was very frosty.  The snow was still sticking and the wind was blowing. I decided to bundle up and wear this sweater dress as an oversize sweater and pink coat from JustFab. Because I’m clumsy, I did not wear my matching color booties and opted for flats (even though my feet were freezing). After a couple hours, we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner.



The wind!

Benjamin told me that his grandmother would recommend to do something educational on every trip we go on, so that’s what we did! We visited the Liberty Bell museum and even saw the Liberty Bell. I was amazed even though it’s a replica. About these Philly cheesesteaks situation….Benjamin insisted that I have my first “real” Philly cheesesteak, so I’ll know what its supposed to taste like. We took a trip to his favorite place and he’s been going there since he was a kid. Let’s just say, these people are not stingy with the meat, cheese, or anything else that goes on this sandwich! Also, this sandwich was hot the entire time I ate it! Now I understand why my sweetie said he’ll never eat another cheesesteak again that did not come from Philly. Me either.

In Love!
Explorer’s Den

Thank God, the snowfall only lasted our first night of arrival and visiting his grandmother’s house a couple days later was bearable. It was such a breeze learning about how my fiancé grew up in this city, where he rode his bike, and how his grandmother lived near a well known college. During the trip down memory lane, I decided to be comfy in ripped jeans from Torrid and a cozy warm sweater from Old Navy that I bought on our trip. I was breaking in my boots from JustFab, sporting a white chocolate mocha coffee from Saxby’s.



On each new trip or vacation, we must try something new, or something that is not in Charlotte, NC. The sushi burritos and the poke bowls are high on my list and I found a restaurant in a shopping plaza across the street from our hotel called Hai Street Kitchen. I love the concept of sushi being converted into a salad or a burrito. I indulged in a shrimp tempura sushi burrito and of course, loved it! And would you believed I never tried a Matcha green tea? Yup. Lovely, of course.



Where should we go next?


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  1. I’m so glad you had a great time in Philly! I have never been, but it’s definitely a place I want to go. You need to include outfit details in this post. Every outfit you wore looked fabulous!

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