Embracing and Celebrating Me at 32!

It ain’t easy being a Christmas Eve baby!

Fun fact about me, real quick! When I turned 30, I had a personal nervous breakdown. Crazy right? Well, fast forward two years later and I welcome my birthday again! It is a blessing to see your birthday because there is someone out there that didn’t make it to their 32nd birthday, and I thank God for allowing me to see mine.


This year was the most intense, surprising, exciting, nerve wrecking, and stressful year of my life. A complete roller coaster. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I’m too blessed to be stressed?” Let me tell you something, the blessed ARE stressed. Sometimes, God places us the some crazy situations only to show us that we must rely and focus on him.  The thing is, is how will you react to it. This year, with everything my fiancé and I are going through, God showed us that He is the answer and the only one that can pull us out of the gutter. What’s funny is, through such a stressful time, we were able to strengthen our relationship with each other and Him. We still have moments of sadness and frustration, but we find ourselves leaning on each other. God has isolated us because he wants to work on us even more, keeping our families at arms length. When I came to that realization, I laughed so hard and just said, “I got you Lord. I see you. Do you.”

Top: Cato Fashions, Dress: Torrid, Shoes: Target

I’ve been told countless times that your 30’s are your best years because you learn about yourself. One thing that slapped me in the face this year was that I’m more confident in myself than I lead on. I’ve also inspired people in random ways and my smile brings people great joy. I convinced women to embrace their natural beauty and continue to be a supportive friend. I shop way too much and if I eat any more sushi, I may become one. I procrastinate sooooo bad and when I’m fed up with something, it shows. I’m out of shape and I hate working out, lol. I love and adore my fiancé and I learned that I need girlfriends in my life. I can go on and on.


My major goal for 32 is dedication and speaking life into everything. I will dedicate more time to building my brand and starting a business. Dedicating more time and focus in developing my work ethic. Being there for my friends. Being healthy. Preparing to be a wife. Pleasing God. Need I say more? Stay positive!


So what did I get for my birthday you might ask? I got this guy. He continues to surprise me every day. I have a deep appreciation and love for this man and I’m looking forward to having a “Cardi B” upcoming year! We exchange vows in Spring 2018 and I can’t wait. I’m pretty sure I have presents too.


What are your birthday goals?

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