Tips to Get Ready For Your Fall Wardrobe!

Can you smell it? Can you hear it? Its coming! Fall is coming! Summer was great, I enjoyed every moment of it, including the scorching heat, but I am ready for cooler weather and lots of layering! If you can’t tell, Fall is my favorite season even though I am a Winter baby (born on Christmas Eve). I love the ever changing leaves, the cooler days, the colors, the pumpkins, everything.

More importantly, I love the fashion. I love the layering, boots, darker colors, dark lipsticks, jackets, cardigans, and hats. Every year I make it a big deal when it comes to building my fall wardrobe, so I have a three part series to help you get ready for your fall wardrobe. This is what I’ve been doing since I moved to Charlotte, so its working for me pretty well. Also, if you’re on a budget like me, this may help as well.

Take Advantage of Just Fab’s 50% Sale Right Now!

I’ve been a JustFab customer for a few years and I always get questions from friends and family about the validity of this brand. Yes, they are real. No, they don’t scam you. Remember to skip before the 5th of the month so they won’t charge you. However, if they do, that money goes into a bucket for you to use later. This brand has evolved in the last couple years and I love how they provide items designer inspired. They definitely cater to trends and they have plus size clothing. They have amazing boots of all styles and trends and the dopest inexpensive leather jackets. I only recommend stacking up when they have a 50% off or their 75% off sale.

Do a Closet Inventory

This method helped me save money, especially on the basics. Now is the time to pull out your crates and bins and go through your wardrobe from last year. For me, if anything is entirely too small, I either sell it or give it to my best friend or sister in law. If anything is worn out, they are going to Goodwill. If they’re not complimenting my trend scheme, I will sell it. This method prevents hoarding and you’re giving to the needy. If you make a few dollars off it, that can go to new items! Do an assessment on what you’re keeping and proceed to the next step:

Make A Wish List/Favorite Trend List

This is my favorite part. Make a list of the things you will need and price them out. This will help you set a budget. Research all the trends you like and write down the ones you want to rock this fall. Write down all the basics you need first ( detailed post coming soon). These are things that you would normally forget like tights or tees. My favorite trends that I’m loving are the fur and the vintage florals. I loved floral for years and the Gucci dark florals have caught my eye. Once you got an idea of what you like and what you are looking for, let’s go to the next step.

Scope out the stores

Get on the web and stalk your favorite brands. WhoWhatWear is currently winning right now with their new collection. Lots of florals, ruffles, and suede happening. Plus, they’re affordable. I like to do a little research first just to get an idea of pricing and then try on things to see if I would look like I imagine in them. Check out your favorite bloggers to see where they’re shopping and try a new brand.

Do you have a specific color scheme or pattern in mind?

This varies, but there are some people that sticks to a general color pallet or color scheme each season. For me, I’m very eclectic. One day I might rock the blush pinks, the next day I may come out my apartment looking like a floral garden. Sticking to a general scheme helps you create multiple outfits and certain basics can also help create multiple looks.

Look at your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Keep those maxi dresses and skirts! Don’t retire those yet. You know how easily you can wear that floral maxi skirt? Add a sweater and boots with a leather jacket. Take those dark color rompers and add tights underneath and get your booties out. Get your shorts and add rights and combat boots with a chunky sweater. Don’t be so quick to hide them yet. I get it, the “summer summer” items, get ready to put those away.

Go Out Your Comfort Zone 

I tend to play it safe. I love girly looks mostly, you know, dresses, skirts and peter pan collars stuff. This fall I plan to add glitter, feathers (faux of course), wide belts, leather jackets, combat boots, and bold florals. Trendy sneakers are also on my list to try because I’m not a sneaker head, and I only wear them when I am in the gym. Fashion is a way to express yourself without even talking, so switch it up and have fun.

Happy Fall Planning!!


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