Natural Hair Update! Length Check +Protective Styling

Some days, I kick myself for cutting all my hair off and starting over, and then some days, I’m like, Yaaassssssssaaaahhhh!!! Curls poppin’, hair getting thicker in Jesus name! The back of my hair was thinning really bad due to dryness from blowing out my hair, every chance I got on high heat. You can check out more pics from my last check in here.


I doubt this post will be longer than the last, because I haven’t done anything drastic. I’ve been maintaining the same regimen, especially focusing on deep conditioning more. I’ve been using the plastic bag/hot towel method and that works for me right now. The steamer is still on my wish list. I’ve worn my hair in braids for about a month and I’ve also take pride in mastering a wash and go! I don’t diffuse, only air dry. How do you diffuse without causing frizz? Maybe I’ll learn that soon.


The “no heat” continues! I can’t even find my blow dryer. Now, I’m not saying that I won’t use heat again, but this year is dedicated to juicy, healthy curls, so no straightening or blowing out my hair for that matter. I think I will continue this throughout 2018, unless my hair just miraculously hits bra strap length!

Favorite Products Right Now

Photo Credit: Made Beautiful

My favorite products I’ve been using so far is the True Line by Made Beautiful. They smell divine and my hair feels like a cloud, at least what I think a cloud feels like. The conditioning styling creme is life. You can really feel the moisture. I ramble some more about them in the blog post here.




See, not much to talk about this time because I haven’t changed my regimen. I learned that less is more and simplicity is key. I can be a product junkie all I want, but being simple with my hair is what she likes. She loves water and deep conditions. I don’t have to indulge in protein treatments, maybe twice a year because too much protein can be harsh too. Just to give you an idea, I used to do protein treatments once a month. To me that was too much. In the August pic below, I clipped my ends to rid the lifeless strands, and to my surprise, was only a little. My next protective style will either be faux locs or those long cool cornrows I’ve been stalking.

I’m very curious how my curls will look in the next couple months up until my wedding day. If you recently chopped your hair off because it was damaged, figure out what you did wrong, and execute ways to remedy that. I told Benjamin that I’m not cutting my hair off for a very long time, so taking my hair is a must so I won’t have to start over.

Left: May 6, Right: Aug 6

Stay tuned for the next update!!

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