Are Natural Hair Subscription Services A Good Idea?

Imagine being a natural hair junkie like me, always checking out the latest products for my hair or seeing what’s new. It can get expensive, right? I’m not weighed down to any natural hair brand, I do have my favorites, but I love to try new things. With that being said, my pockets aren’t ready to dish out hundreds of dollars every month for products I may or may not like. I know my friends and family may be excited for the extra hair products, but a girl’s pockets can suffer.


When I first went natural, the natural hair community was just starting to boom and companies were coming out of hibernation with their hair lines and the creamy crack business was slowly depleting. Subscription services were not a thing just yet. Fast forward to today, and there are so many natural hair/beauty subscriptions for us, you just want to subscribe to all. I came up with a few recommendations to just give my own humble opinion, hopefully giving you some inspiration to try. I definitely encourage you to try, especially if you’re still looking for that holy grail and you don’t have a monthly budget of $500 to try out different items, or if you’re a product junkie like me. 😜


Photo Credit: Curlkit

I’ve subscribe to Curlkit the entire year of 2016 and I loved every box. I call this the test drive box. Some boxes, they have samples and full size products from brands that are well known and ones you haven’t heard of. The subscription is $20 + $5 shipping and the box comes with 5-7 full/sample size products. I’ve been able to try Alikay Naturals and rekindle with Karen’s Body Beautiful because for me, they are so expensive for my pockets but with that subscription, I was able to try. One thing I absolutely love about CurlKit is when they have brand takeover’s during some of the months where they feature a brand and provide full size products (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, moisturizer, butter, etc).



Photo Credit: CurlMix

Do you like making your own hair cocktails? Do you not like using hair products with too many chemicals you don’t understand, yet can’t pronounce? Yeah, a lot of people are like that, but guess what? Have you heard of CurlMix? This brand was curated by a husband/wife duo and all products used are natural. This box is for the guru that likes to do at home DIY products for their hair. You get a beautiful Tiffany blue box with several products and you mix and create yourself. This allows you to see what products you’re using and how much. There’s no secret hidden agenda. There are month to month, 3 months and 6 months options for you starting at $25.

Onyx Box

Photo Credit: OnyxBox

Let me tell you something sistas…If you are trying to get your Black Girl magic on, then get this box! I just signed up for it and I cannot wait for my first Onyxbox! Not only does this box have hair products, but beauty products as well. I love how black owned products are being showcased as well, not to mention all natural products. Similar to CurlKit, Onyx Box allows you to purchase some of the items separately. This is a great option in case you need to re-up.




Photo Credit: Curlbox


Founded by the beautiful and intelligent Myleik Teele, Curlbox is the cream of the crop. This box is highly sought after and everyone wants to be on her mailing list. From the enticing campaigns to the sensational collaborations with our favorite beauty gurus, Curlbox is really giving us the business. I love the campaigns that Myleik and her team creates each month because they make it a big deal to showcase each brand they debut. I’ve seen full size products from SheaMoisture to Carol’s Daughter to Eden Body Works, to Crème of Nature. How can a $25/monthly subscription have 5-7 full size products retailing close to $100+? With that being Curlbox has different boxes for everyone from Curlbox Man, Curlbox Kids, Curlbox, Naturals, & Curlbox Body. If you’re not on the mailing list, there are previous boxes that are up for grabs that you can purchase.

One thought on “Are Natural Hair Subscription Services A Good Idea?

  1. Thanks for sharing this..I had been looking for something that can help my hair but I left most of them because they were high priced. Curl box looks really great and affordable. Would like to try it soon.

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