“Summer Sass” Series (Victoria Beckham)

I’ve been coveting the Victoria Beckham for Target line since it came out a couple of months ago, but to be honest, my pockets weren’t. Here I am planning a wedding, just moved into a new apartment with Ben, and getting rid of debt, my pockets aren’t prepared to dish out $25-$40 per item. So, I waited, until I forgot. Low and behold! I went on Target’s website and found 95% of the entire line on clearance! I’m talking nothing over $15. My pockets were tolerable at that moment and adding to the shopping cart I went. No lie, some pieces were a hit and miss for me but I did find a few gems. 

Scallop Dress


When I first saw this dress, I started drooling. When I saw it in orange, I went insane. Victoria Beckham made fabulous pieces for me? The average plus size girl? And it actually fits a real life plus size girl? Thank you Victoria!! Not all plus size women have that perfect hourglass shape. I’m working on mine, but until then, I still want to look fab. This quality of this dress is superb. Did I mentioned that I snatched it for less than $13? The material is thick enough to hold me in and the fabric screams high end. If you purchased it at the original price, consider this piece a lifer. As far as the fit, I’m a little concerned. The 3x was too big for me on the sleeveless side. My boob almost fell out. I’m wearing a 2x in the photo and it was a bit snug. Personally the 3x with a few alterations would be perfect, and since I have the orange in that size, I will be visiting a seamstress. Although it’s a trendy piece, I don’t see this dress going out of style.

We Wear Pink


I’m a sucker for comfort. And pink. It’s girly, like me. Since the dress makes a statement all on its own, I kept the rest minimal by adding a low chunky heel and matching handbag. This dress screams classy and chic and I can’t wait until I get the orange one altered. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with results.


How did you style your scalloped dress?





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