May Favorites!

We are halfway through the year. Halfway! Just last week, was January and I’m silently freaking out because my wedding is less than 200 days away! While I do know that my wedding is coming up very soon, I’ve been working on improving the health of my body, skin, hail, nails, teeth, you name it! With that being said, I wanted to share a few products with you that I’ve been loving lately for my skin and hair.

TonyMoly I’m Real Sheet Masks


I’m at an age where skin care is very important and I want to make sure I keep that “glow” as long as I can. With that being said, I love sheet masks. I think they are the best “pick me up” product you can use to boost your skin. I came across this brand in Ulta with my sister in law and felt the need to try them. Also, I feel like Koreans are the plug to skin care! I read the reviews online to see what people thought of them and picked up a few including the Lemon Brightening Mask and the Tea Tree Mask. Let me tell you, I used the Lemon Mask and my face was glowing and super hydrated. You see, the Lemon mask is rich in amino acids which keeps the skin hydrated and contains a lemon extract that gives a healthier and brighter complexion. As a plus, it really has a citrus-y scent that leaves your faces smelling fresh. I picked up a few more and will do a full review on each.

Elf Illuminating Eye Cream

Did you know E.L.F. has skin care products? If you don’t, then you’re living under a rock. As you know, skin care is expensive and for someone like me that is on budget , researching affordable products are very important to me. A favorite blogger of mine posted this on her Instagram and mentioned how she loves how an affordable product can do the work of a high end, so, I had to try. I picked up the face wash, the moisturizer, and this eye cream. E.L.F. can do no wrong in my book right now. I’ve been using this cream for a couple of months and  it not only hydrates, it also minimizes my circles. I noticed it one day when I didn’t have to use a concealer.



Carol’s Daughter Precaxi Nectar

I haven’t worn my hair in a wash and go style for the better part of seven months because my hair wouldn’t last more than 24 hours. Thanks to these products, my curls are always poppin’ and I don’t have to worry about product build up. Another plus is how great they smell, but you can expect that with this brand. Check out my full review here.

Photo: Carol’s Daughter



Monistat Chafing Powder Gel


Now, this is for my thick women, okay? You know it’s getting hot outside and you want to wear your dresses and summer clothes and it can get hot, right? For me, my thighs rub together and it can get painful. The sweat and the incessant rubbing is insane! Now I know for sure baby powder does wonders but it can wear off.  You need to get your hands on this baby! Let me tell you about this. This product has a soft gel like consistency, and dries in a powder state. It is so soft, you can barely tell anything is on the inside of your thighs. I wore it with a sundress one day when it was close to 90 degrees and despite my thighs rubbing, they were soft and dry. Try it and see for yourselves.

Nailah’s Shea

I won’t go too much into detail because I wrote a review here, but let me tell you about this body scrub. If you want luscious, soft, silky skin to show off this summer, try this body scrub. The mint smell is so refreshing and lingering on your body, not to mention it scrubs away all the dead skin leaving your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. This product is also all natural and free from animal testing so the fur babies are safe!





6 thoughts on “May Favorites!

  1. Im interested in those mask but I’ve always just been a bentonite clay girl because I didn’t have much luck with shea moisture mask, but sheet mask seem to be totally different.

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    1. When I first tried Carol’s Daughter, I tried the Black Vanilla line and my hair did not like it at all. When I saw more different lines I tried them, and loved it. This Precaxi line just adds the cherry on top. Its a must have in my regimen.


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