Slay those curls with Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar!

Hi. My name is Marisa and I’m a product junkie. I thought that I would have grown out of that with me being almost 9 years in the game. I love trying new things! After using the same products for months at a time, I’m looking to see about other products and how they can take my curls to the next level.

Because my hair is growing out of the cut and into the awkward length stage, I wanted to find products that works well with a wash and go. I’ve been researching  and happened to find Carol’s Daughter releasing a new 3 piece hair line called the Precaxi Nectar. What caught my eye was the fact that it was design to work well with a wash and go. So I got the thinking…will this work for me? First of all, I can’t do just a “wash” and “go”. There’s levels to this! I have to wash, deep condition, add a leave in, detangle and shingle. That is the only way my curls will look decent and that’s okay!

There are actually 3 pieces to collection, but I only picked two: the wash and go leave-in and the style control gel.

The process

So my washing process for a wash and go is pretty simple: cleanse with a good shampoo, do a light deep condition and voila! For me, it is simple because of the amount of product that I am about to slap in my hair for this “go” situation. I section my hair in about 4- 6 sections for better manageability. This prevents knots and detangles.

So the first thing I do is to make sure my hair is detangled and my curls are smooth; then I go in with the leave-in. I was impressed with how light the product is and that is smells really nice. I wanted to add an oil to seal in all the moisture that my hair was receiving. By this time, my hair was soaking wet and had leave-in from root to tip. The last thing I did, was add the style control gel for definition. After raking the product in, I gave it one more detangle and coiled the ends of my hair only. I do this because once my hair dries and naturally frizzes, my ends will stay in tact, which will help with less breakage. Also, no one likes frizzy ends!

For you visuals out there, I filmed the entire process on my YouTube channel so please check it out! I think these products work really well for my hair especially a wash and go: those never really work out for me but I’m glad they did. You can find these products at your local Sally’s and also on the Carols Daughter website.

Here are a few photos of me when my hair air dried a few hours and I loved the results. If you noticed, these area few snaps my fiancé took for my One year Blog anniversary post!



Have you tried the new line? How did you like it??


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