New Hair, Who Dis?

My biggest pet peeve about natural hair is damaged curls. I can’t stand it. I’m not one to hold on to dead hair during my 7-8 years of being natural and I’m definitely not starting now. I know I wanted to nurse my hair back to health by just ridding the problem area, but I changed my mind to start from scratch. I find it easier to focus on one length and overall healthy curls.

Just to let you know, the only time I chopped my hair off was my initial big chop when I first went natural. I did so horrible that I braided box braids right after.

So here I am, wanting to start over while im still in the beginning of the year to continue my journey to healthy, long, thick hair. I have a very special day coming in December that I’m preparing for so stay tuned for more details about that.

I couldn’t tell you I cut my hair without walking you through the process. I decided to cut my hair into the infamous tapered cut, but more of a grown out look. The process was nerve-wrecking and I was nervous about doing a poor job. I even included a little haul of the tools I used. Check out my YouTube video below.


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