Hair Care Routine: Taking out my braids

Box braids are my favorite protective style to do. Well, braids in general. I’ve been braiding for 20 years and I love how quick I can do them. One thing that you don’t see everyday is how to care for your hair after you take a protective style down. There are levels to it, okay?

The key thing to know about a protective style is to make sure you are taking care of your hair so that means scalp massages, and keeping it moisturized. I love to massage Castor Oil in my hair and to use a spray leave in for moisture. I leave braids in my hair for about 2 months and I MAY wash my hair once. You don’t want to leave a protective style in longer than 3 months because your hair can mold due to sweat, dust particles and lack of proper care.

Did you also know that hair sheds everyday? So imagine how much dead hair you’ve accumulated in a few months.

Step One: Preliminary “de-shedding” process.

I literally made this up. Basically, what i do, is I take my favorite oil and I detangle my hair with my fingers, trying to get as much dead hair out as I can. You can also use a wide tooth comb, but I don’t recommend it if your hair is dry and brittle. One thing I always get with braids are those little dust balls between the new growth and where the braid originally started. Be very careful because you can easily pull your hair out. Check out the video on how I handle those.

Step Two: Protein Treatment

I use a protein treatment to revive my curls because I’ve noticed how limp they can get in a protective style. My two favorite protein treatments are the Aphogee Protein Treatment and my DIY eggs and oil. In the video, I opted for my DIY concoction, although it can be very messy. When applying a protein treatment, make sure you coat each strand and do not manipulate it. Once the products dries the hair is very vulnerable to breakage.

Step Three: Wash and Deep Condition

Depending on how much buildup you have, use a clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo is not something you want to use in your normal regimen because it can strip your hair especially if you aren’t prone to build up. My favorite brand to use is the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil line. For this routine, I used the shampoo for cleansing and the treatment masque for deep conditioning. This is my favorite line and hair feels so soft and clean when I use them.


One thing I always run into when washing is the missed dead hair I didn’t catch during step one. Do not be alarmed if you see more hair coming out. This always happens to me and my hair is still thick and full. Please watch my YouTube video on how I care for my hair and please subscribe for more videos!

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