Happy Birthday! My Pledge to Myself: My 31 Must Do List

Every year on my birthday, I like to sit back and reflect on the past year to see what I’ve accomplished based on my resolutions I set for myself on my last birthday. You’re probably thinking, a resolution list doesn’t work, but they actually do! I use my list as a guide and plan to knock as many things out as I can, like a to-do list.

On December 24, I was blessed to see my 31st birthday! Yay! Fun fact: 24 hours before I turned 30, I had a huge meltdown. I thought my life was over. I was so upset because I didn’t get to the place where I wanted to be at 30. I was crazy, right?  I was comparing myself to other people, and it was really depressing, you know? So after talking with my boyfriend, I decided to turn a brand spankin’ new leaf. 😊


One thing I’m learning about making resolutions is that it’s okay if you don’t mark everything off your list. A few exciting things that happened to me this year was being promoted at work, having my boyfriend move to Charlotte to be near me and we are closer than ever! We do pretty much everything together and we adore and love each other immensely.

There are plenty more but I don’t want to bore you😂 After talking with my boyfriend and God of course, I put together a New Years To-Do list of things I MUST do. I call it: My 31 Must Do List. This is a list I made a few days before my birthday. Check it out below.

*Also to shop and explore in Paris

This list is in no particular order but this is a way for me to come out my comfort zone and “live a little.” The reason why I wanted to make a list like this is because I’m always waiting for someone to do something extravagant with me or getting their permission to do certain things when I shouldn’t. When you start to listen to the opinion of others, especially those who live in their own bubble, you miss out. You miss out on so much. That is what happened to me, unfortunately. This is also stressful as well so its time to stop. Please stop! God blessed you and me with a life to live to the fullest and HE doesn’t want you to spend it trying to please others. If you want to take that solo trip to Iceland or Italy, go! All you need is God’s opinion, so go. So I made a pledge to myself to go out my comfort zone, live life to the fullest, serve God’s purpose, and find out own happiness.


*What pledge will you be making to yourself in 2017?



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