My 2017 Reading List!

This year has taught me some things about myself that I should take with me into 2017  but I will definitely do a 2016 reflections post pretty soon. One thing that I have on my 2017 goals list is to read more. Read everything. Self-help books, horror, spirituals, African American history, inspirational, etc. My list for 2017 is very…unique. 🤓 My list ranges from self help, horror and back to history. I want to focus on becoming a better me and learning about my history in the process.  Aside from that, I have a really weird interest in books about famous serial killers and horror stories (I have a degree in Criminal Justice).

check out my list below😉


Joining a Book Club

Not only did I create my own list, I decided to also join a book club community that is hosted by this beautiful gal I found on YouTube where she dedicated her platform to reading, planning and God. I stumbled upon her channel a couple years ago and followed her 2016 reading list. Her name is LisaMarie and she is the founder of Paper & Glam. I draw inspiration from her on a day to day basis so I’m excitd to be joining her 2017 book club. She has a monthly list (shown below) and also created stickers to match for the planner addicts. At the end of each month, she has a live session to discuss the book and also there’s Goodreads, where we can discuss the book throughout the month!


I have never been more excited to create my own reading list and actually immerse myself in something other than the crazy things I see on social media. I actually started on Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and I’m hooked!!  Lookout for my review on that book soon!! Tootles! 🤗

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