SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Product Review #amillionwaystoshea

I’ve been natural for about 7 years and SheaMoisture was the first natural hair brand I tried. Actually, to be exact it was the Coconut and Hisbiscus line. I bet that was everyone’s go to when they started. What I loved about it was how nourishing and moisturized my hair was. Not a dry strand on my head! 🤗

Exploring A Million Ways to Shea

Fast forward a few years and my hair changed so much. It sheds a lot and is extremely dry. Because this brand is so trustworthy in my opinion, I wanted to see if they had anything that will target my special needs. I saw a campaign they were advertising called #amillionwaystoshe where it recommends products based on your hair type and goals. My goals were to focus on strengthening, moisturizing, and restoring.

These are just a few screenshots on how it looks. So first, I uploaded my picture and select my hair type and style. I wear my hair curly 98% of the time. The top right are my goals and everything in white are what I selected and the bottom right is asking what my hair is like.



It seems like my hair needs help! I realized my results were from four different lines and I was a little nervous because I don’t like mixing lines unless I’ve experienced them. I’m more nervous about high porosity line since I took the test to learn I have low porosity hair instead. However, the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil line and the Sacha Inchi Oil are very promising.

What I Went With……


Now I know these are not all the products to the line, but I wanted to try these out and I love them. I already tested the leave-in and it loves my hair. The shampoo not only detangles but it doesn’t give you that stripped feeling. The treatment masque is really thick, like peanut butter, which left my hair soft. The star of the line is the leave in conditioner, of course! I mixed it with the oil and coconut because my hair could use all the moisture and it works!! The peppermint infused in the products left a sastifying after smell. Check out my YouTube video on how I use these products and also created a cute style at the end.


*not sponsored, I just love SheaMoisture


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