Tights and Tulle

The weather is changing here in Charlotte! It’s getting cooler and that means tights, blazers, sweaters and layering. However, I’m not quite over spring because of my love for mixing my dresses with tights. Cool, huh?

Saturdays for me are very relaxing even though I took a trip to Florence, SC for a surprise birthday dinner for my nephew. Any excuse to get dressed up, I’m there!

I had this dress for a couple years now and only wore it twice(Thanks Forever 21). I wanted to wear it but the way my body is set up, I would freeze (I’m anemic)😐. So I pulled out the these sweater stockings I purchased from Lane Bryant last year and these babies are super warm! I kept it comfy with black flats and would you believe me if I said I thrifted this satin black blazer about 5 years ago??

This look proves that you can reshot your closet and create brand new looks. Such a great way to stay in budge too. 🤗

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