Natural Hair Growth Journey


Starting this month going through all of 2017, I decided to re-focus on the health of my hair and trying to grow out my hair as long and thick as I could possibly get. I’ve been natural since 2009 and I’ve been either cutting my hair, or coloring my hair. On top of that, I haven’t been taking the best care of it. With that being said, my hair would only grow a little pass my shoulders and then start to shed and break.

The Beginning


Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? I know right! I was about 4 years old in this pic and my parents took great care of my hair. It may not look like it, but my hair was super thick and long and I cried so hard everytime mom did my hair! It was so bad that dad had to take over. By the way, I never cried with him. Lol!

My Hair Type And POROSITY

Is it 3c? I’m going with 3c. I never cared to know my curl pattern because curl typing became so controversial to where, if you didn’t have an “acceptable pattern”, you weren’t really natural. However, its important to know my pattern to understand how to care for my strands. I did a porosity test on my hair by grabbing shedded hair from the four quadrants of my head and 75% of my hair tested low porosity. Funny how the other 25% of my hair is medium to high porosity (will discuss in a later post). Knowledge of my hair type and how it works is critical to healthy practices to grow my hair.

My Natural Hair And Tips I will Use on my Journey

I recently colored my hair for the last time last year and am looking forward to growing it all out. Although you can’t tell, the back of my hair is very thin and fragile due to stress and the front and sides are super thick. So here are my tips to myself that I will use to restore my tresses and reach bra strap length by December 2017:

#1: Scalp massages w/oils

#2: Less Heat & No Coloring

#3: Protective Styling

#4: Deep Conditioning

#5: Healthy Eating & Exercising


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