Leopard and Stripes

img_0065On Wednesdays, we wear leopard and stripes! Have you ever been on Pinterest to find out an outfit inspiration? Yup, that’s me. Wait, have you ever seen an outfit that you absolutely love, then realize you don’t have any of the clothes? Yup, unfortunately that’s me again.

I wanted to look like a Pinterest picture but I had to look to see what I already have in my closet. Everyone has stripes and leopard! And who doesn’t have a chambray shirt? These three items are pretty much basics for your wardrobe. Let’s put it together. I decided to keep it simple and comfy today by adding jeggings and a long dainty necklace.

In Charlotte, it’s acceptable to layer because the temperature fluctuates…a lot. In the morning, it’s 49 degrees, and around 5pm, it will be 80 degrees! This will allow me a chance to take off the chambray and tie it around my waist. What’s your best leopard and stripe look?


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