Blogtober Series: Mixing with Prints

Mixing prints was never my thing. I grew up seeing plus size girls only wear black because it was the only appropriate color to wear. I’m glad things have changed!

Have you ever looked in your closet and saw things that you wanted to wear…at one time? Meee!! I would pick out a brown dress, a black jacket, some off the wall yellow flats and a bright green scarf. Then I look at it and I’m thinking, are you crazy?

This outfit was kind of like that idea but I made it work. I call it my festive print mixing, lol! The color pallete reminds me of the beautiful leaves falling off a tree.


When I first put everything together, the scarf wasn’t on, but I felt it was the right amount of sass. I love how earth tone colors can bring out the beauty of my complexion without being over the top.

Try it. Mix colors and prints with your confidence and show it off.

PS: This hat is FAB and I intend to wear it everywhere!




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