Denim with Flair

I am not a morning person but when I woke up this morning, I was ready to take on the world! I checked the temperature outside (69 degrees in Charlotte!) and I just knew I needed to look like fall. I picked up a denim dress for $14 from Burlington Coat Factory (a new one open on IKEA Blvd) and I wanted to style it. In my mind, I saw fur and burgundy and then…..snap! Let’s pull this fur vest I got last year from SAKS Fifth Avenue for only $20.

One thing you will learn from me is I take care of my clothes well and I will wear them until they rip in half. I love to mix old with new and I love how fresh the outfit looks. A casual pair of brown booties will keep this look comfy and casual and if it gets warmer in the afternoon, just take off the vest and roll up the sleeves. I think burgundy will be my staple color this season and will probably follow me to the winter because its just enough pop of color that is still subtle if you’re not trying to go for a bold look. I love this outfit because its so festive and screams chic and comfy!

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory, Vest: SAKS Fifth Avenue, Crossbody: Cato, Boots: Forever 21, Hat: Old Navy, Lippie: MAC Rebel


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