Product Review: CocoConscious Collective

I came across this product line on Instagram where  I saw a BOGO code for their products. Before I decided to spend money on products I’ve never heard, I decided to research. I stalked their Instagram, researched the products, checked out YouTube reviews to see if it was worth it. What I learn about products that are not well known, they are the needles in its haystacks. After getting enough information that I needed, I thought it was pretty good and that I should try it. If I didn’t like it, I could give it away.

A little bit about the brand…..

Based in Addison, Tx., this company specializes in the hair care of both curly and straight hair! Each product is hand selected and the products are free from parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals. You know what that means, right? These products are 100% certified natural. Even though some of the hair products I used are not like this, it is very nice to run into a brand that focuses on the actual health of the hair by using natural products.

I decided to try them out, and I absolutely love them!

First, let’s talk about the shampoo. I love it, i love it, I love it! As soon as I worked the shampoo in my hair, it started to detangle immediately and my strands of hair separated easily. Not once did my hair felt stripped, but the complete opposite! Its very refreshing to find shampoos that not only focuses on not stripping the hair, but to aid in detangling.

Step 2 is the Elasticity Restore Rinse which is pretty much self-explanatory: it restores the elasticity in the hair. One thing I noticed after rubbing this conditioner in my hair is how springy my curls are. I can pull a strand and then it bounces back.  The Luster Revival Leave-in has this semi thick consistency that really penetrates and moisturizing each strand. To work best, I sectioned my hair and fully rub in the product. I learned that if not rubbed in completely, there would be a white residue that almost looks like dandruff.

I did use the Hydrating Creme as a moisturizer for a twist out and decided this will be a staple for twist outs. My hair sucks up any moisturizer and normally after a day or two, my hair dries and poofs out (like a blowout). I was very surprised to see that my twist lasted longer than two days. My twists were very shiny, and soft.

Check out my first demo on how I used this line on a wash day. This was my first time which was fun, yet difficult. What are your favorite wash day products??

* All opinions are my own




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