Celebrity Look for Less Plus Size Style: Selena Gomez & The Little Black Dress

Celebrity fashion has always been a passion of mine. I remember when I was younger, I’d buy every magazine in the store and cut out my favorite styles in a binder. My brothers would be so annoyed and could never understand why one would waste money on magazines just to only cut out certain pages! I was only interested in the fashion articles! I’ve always loved the idea on cutting out and matching different clothing pieces together that fit my style. Not only that, I’ve always admired the celebrity fashion, however I was not able to afford everything that they had. So i decided to take the celebrity images and recreate them at a “look for less” cost, with my own little twist of course. My first post is dedicated to the beautiful Selena Gomez!

I love Selena’s style. She is so adorable! I love how one minute she can look classy and chic and another minute she so cool and edgy! Her style is always on point, even off the red carpet! Even though this look is super chic and simple, her shoes alone are $675! I loved this look so much that I recreated it to match my own style!

Say hello to my little black friend! I found this little baby at Forever 21 on a whim! I call it my super hero dress because of the arms from this cape-like sleeve. This dress quality feels great and it only cost….$24.90 and you can find it at Forever 21! I kept it simple and comfy with a pair of leopard flats from Cato Fashions which is sold out. If you want to keep it fancy like Selena with a pair of leopard heels, check this pair out here from J.Crew! The best thing about this entire outfit is that I can wear this to work!

I’m excited to do my next Celebrity Look for less! Stay tuned!



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