Funday Sunday

I’ve been living in Charlotte for about a year and a half and I am just starting to explore the city. Crazy, right? When I first moved here, I accepted a new job, and was also exposed to public transportation. I did not have a car and I wasn’t planning on buying one for the first two years here. I really wanted to save. Still learning how to do that buy the way, lol! Now that Benjamin is here, he has a car and we have the opportunity to explore! We decided to go to this Boardwalk area in in the University area. In the photos behind me, there is a lake where you can take a boat ride, playground, a walking trail, and several restaurants! Its just a nice place to come, relax and even clown around and take pictures!

I kept it real casual on this funday sunday! I found these ripped white boyfriend jeans from Cato Fashions for $14! To me, that’s a steal! I paired it with his peplum top from Old Navy and I snagged this bag from Express for $8! Target sandals are a couple years old, and I’m so excited that they are still going!


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